Why did the Whitechapel murders attract so much attention in 1888?

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Why did the Whitechapel murders attract so much attention in 1888?

The Ripper murders attracted lots of attention in 1888, causing widespread panic and conspiracy. I am going to discuss the Ripper victims, what Jack the Ripper actually did to his victims, the press and the Victorians obsession with the macabre.

   -Jack the Ripper murdered 5 woman, they were all prostitutes. Their names were Polly Nicholls, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, Catherine Eddowes and Mary Kelly. The 1st 4 victims were all in their late 40s, but the last woman was only 25. They all had their throat slashed, by a knife believed to be one inch wide and six inches long.

   Polly Nicholls was stabbed in the abdomen, the incisions were deep and caused by a long bladed knife. Annie Chapman had her stomach cut open, and her small intestines were lying above her right shoulder, but still attached. There was lots of blood. Some of the stomach was above the left shoulder. Elizabeth Stride was the only woman whose body was not mutilated. After he slashed her throat he was disturbed so had no chance to begin the mutilations. Catherine Eddowes body was discovered less than an hour after Elizabeth Stride. It was believed he murdered her because his attack on Elizabeth Stride was disturbed. Her throat was cut, her stomach ripped up and her bowels sticking out. The last murder was by far the most gruesome. Mary Kelly’s abdomen and thighs were cut off and her internal organs removed. Her breasts were also cut off, and her arms and face hacked at. Her heart was missing.

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   Jack the Rippers modus operandi was only established several years after the actual murders. Jack would be facing his victims. As she lifted her skirt, he would grab her by the throat while her hands were occupied. He strangled her until she was unconscious or dead. There was no bruising on the victims back, which shows he lowered her to the ground instead of dropping them or throwing them. He then slashed their throats. Stains showed the blood flowed next to or under the neck of the victims. Doing this, not much blood got on the killer. If the ...

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