Why I Hate TV Talent Shows Article

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Reece Buckle

Humiliation, corruption and exploitation are just a few of many which all question: just how honourable and acceptable are these terrible talent shows?

Tell me how far would you agree that small amount of people made famous is enough to counterbalance the thousands innocently exploited? In fact, these broadcasted shows make contestants out to be the laughing stock of the nation. Do you really think this creates a good impression for us to other countries either? The great British Empire, once rulers of the world is now whittled down to a nation relying on worldwide humiliation for the undeserved entertainment of others.

It’s true that these shows make a mockery of some contestants. Ever heard the saying never judge a book by its cover? Well these judges always form a preconception of an auditioning act. This is shortly followed by either laugher or discreet rude comments. Sometimes they’re really embarrassing, laughing so hard they’re almost choking on oxygen. This isn’t the only form of humiliation either.

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In my opinion, these talent shows also make big business on corrupt foundations. Have you ever voted for a contestant of your choice, out of your own pocket? There is really no point. What good is voting for someone who has probably little or no chance of winning?  The majority of these talent shows contain staged acts and prearranged winners. People are already fixed to win.

You also can’t forget to acknowledge the amount of money created from these shows either. Have you ever wondered where your voting money goes? Well I can assure you that a colossal portion ...

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