Why I Should Be Head Boy - notes for speech

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Why am I the person for this role:

My leadership skills. I think that I have good leadership skills because in my P.E report it said that I am a natural leader". I have got a few Cawleys Heroes because of my leadership skills, in fact I got one this year for that reason. I helped win tournament of the minds and champions challenge a few times as well.

Communicate well with new people: I thought I was good at that because last year we, as the team of senior prefects gave tours to the people who applied for a job here  and I felt that I got on and communicated well these people likewise yesterday I felt I made good conversation and did a good job.

I can be responsible and I am trustworthy.

I can deal with problems and will help anyone who comes to me for help, this year I have had a incident involving a year 7 and a few year 10's with a sort of bullying/ play fighting and the year 7 student came to me for help as he knows me and its not been happening anymore.

I care about this role and will take it seriously

I am quick at getting new ideas and always try to think ahead of tasks, like in lessons I always think of ideas of how I want to approach a task while the teacher is explaining what the task is.

I am confident.

I am a fair person

Last year:

I turned up on evenings to help parents and the new students we have now even when I wasn't asked, I went to Mr Cawley to ask if I could help out because I felt I had to be there as deputy head boy.

Join now!

I ran sports clubs in lunchtimes because there wasn’t much to do at lunch time and we had a few turn up to them.

I did my duties.

Got on with mostly everyone and I was leading in a lot of activities.

I listened to others and took their ideas through to prefect meetings.

How I will be a success this year:

I will plan my prefect meetings with the head girl every week.

Help as much as I can.

Attend all the days after school to help out unless there are any problems and if so I ...

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