Why is it important to stay green?

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Understanding What Green Is

There is some confusion about what "green" means. The term is sometimes used incorrectly in an effort to appeal to conscientious green consumers. The origins of the term green is unclear. Some believe it was borrowed from the 1970s green politics. Whatever the true origins, the term is meant to define the concept of renewable, sustainable and eco-friendly processes, products and energy.

Why Do We Need to Go Green?

The answer to the question, "Why do we need to go green?" is as complex as the environmental problems the world population faces. It isn't just the current generation that must deal with this massive crisis; it will be a challenge for future generations even if greater action is not taken over the next few decades.

Environmental Issues

The first concerns facing those living in the world today are major environmental ones. Toxins have leached out of industry facilities and factories into water supplies such as streams, rivers and into the world's oceans. Marine and aquatic life have suffered as a result of these poisonous chemicals contaminating ocean beds, wetlands and marshlands. Once a healthy food source, seafood and fresh water fish are often dangerous to eat due to mercury and other harmful and deadly chemicals found in randomly tested fish and seafood.

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Erosion occurs for many reasons such as over-development of land, whether it's for new housing developments, industry growth or agriculture. Extreme weather conditions can exacerbate erosion in regions where it is a problem.


Associated health issues include consuming contaminated fish and seafood as well as other animal life, vegetables and fruits with pesticides. The harsh pesticides used to control and kill insects on vegetables and fruit have long-lasting detrimental effects on humans, especially growing children. Studies have shown that much of the residue of these pesticides continue past the other skin of these foodstuffs and lodge in the ...

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