Why work for the ranch? (Of Mice and Men, Writing to persuade)

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Manor Park Ranches

3 Farm Land Way

England, UK

Dear Sir,

I notice that you are the representative for some of the best workers for Manor Park Ranches. As the owner of the nearby Farm House Ranches I would like to extend an offer of top-class employment to you and your fellow workers. I understand that you may be happy with you and your workers’ current employment situation, but please take the time to see why Farm House Ranches can offer top class employment, complete with the best accommodation, facilities as well as social life.

We have been inspected by the Ranch Quality Assurance scheme and are proud to say that we have been awarded the full five-star rating for our workers’ accommodation. At Farm House Ranches we pride ourselves on offering the best possible living standards for our workers. After all, higher living standards results in happier workers and therefore better quality of work. We have recently finished the construction of a new building complex, spanning across one section of the ranch. This complex  offers a private room for each worker to stay in, complete with a comfortable bed and bathroom facilities.  Each room is fully cleaned before a new worker is assigned to a room, and personal hygiene products such as soaps and toothbrushes. Ranch work may not necessarily be the cleanest type of work, but this does not mean that our workers do not deserve the best possible living conditions. Our stunning accommodation provides a way for our workers to relax and unwind, leaving them energetic for the next day.

Join now!

Ranch work is normally considered to be long, arduous manual labour. However we have invested in the latest machinery and technology, all for the benefit of our workers. This does not only ensure that ranch work is quick and efficient, our workers’ safety is also paramount and our machinery is checked regularly for faults.  On top of this, our pay is considered to be one of the fairest wages offered to ranch workers; each worker is paid a base wage rate, followed by wages for their individual jobs. The harder a worker works, the more money they can earn. ...

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