Write a charity appeal letter for Action Against Hunger.

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Dear Sir/Madam,

I am the director of a company called Action against Hunger which

You may have heard of, I am writing to you to ask your generosity and kindness to those less fortunate than you. I am hoping that you can spare a small amount of time to read my letter, and consider making a donation. You may be thinking that this is just another junk letter asking for money for a worthless cause, but we need your help. Firstly, Action against hunger is an organisation that helps children and adults all around the world suffering from malnutrition

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 Action against Hunger’s vision is of a world without hunger. A world in which all children and adults have sufficient food and water, equitable access to the resources that sustain life, and are able to attain these with dignity. Our mission is to save lives by eliminating hunger through the prevention, detection and treatment of malnutrition, especially during and after emergency situations of conflict, war and natural disaster. From crisis to sustainability, we tackle the underlying causes of malnutrition and its effects. By integrating our programmes with local and national systems we further ensure that short-term interventions become long-term ...

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