Write a comparative essay about two stories you have studied - Compare characters, theme, language and similarities and differences - Roald Dahl The landlady, and Wilkie Collins The Terribly Strange Bed.

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Write a comparative essay abouttwo stories you have studied.Compare characters, theme,language and similaritiesand differences.Roald Dahl - The landladyWilkie Collins - The Terribly Strange Bed Through out this year I have read several stories. In this essay I am going to compare two of these stories, looking closely at the theme, content, character, similarities and differences. The two stories I have decided to look at in detail are The Landlady by Roald Dahl and The Terribly Strange bed by Willie Collins. I enjoyed reading both stories, as they were interesting in an individual way. The first story had clues building up to the event where as the second story had less obvious clues and an event. The characters were quite similar in their selves and their unsuspecting manner in which they treated their luck. I must admit it was different from anything I have read recently.  The landlady  17-year-old Billy weaver travels form London to bath and is told to stay at the Bell and Dragon but as he is walking there he spots a B&B. deciding to check the pub first he undecidedly stands out front the B&B, then is compelled to ring the bell. The landlady entices him in and tells him the room is ready –because its cheap and cosy he decides to stay at the B&B, Billy notices the woman has a parrot and a dog he assumes that the are real pets.The landlady shows Billy to his room and then asks him to go to the living room and sign in the record book and have a cup of tea with her.  Billy thinks that she is lonely and just looking for some company. Billy notices that there are two their names in the book that seem familiar to him and strangely that she has only had 2, other male guests. Then Billy notices she has only had two other
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male guests. Then Billy notices the parrot and dog are both stuffed and the landlady tells him she “stuff all her pets”. She then tells Billy that the two pervious guests are still on the third floor. Billy also notices that his tea tastes strange like bitter almonds.   The Terribly Strange Bed The story is about two English men in France both wants to go gambling but not to a posh gambling house but to an authentic, rough, down to earth one! The first young English man starts to gamble and the other man leaves him there warning him that ...

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