Write a leaflet for parents in which you persuade them about childrens reading from a specific point of view.

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Write a leaflet for parents in which you persuade them about children’s reading from a specific point of view.

Seeing is Believing, Reading is Achieving- The truth about fiction books.

What is a perfect family? Picture this. A mother and her daughter, both literate. Her mother forces her daughter to read complicated and factual books so that it improves her academic studies. The daughter complies, and does whatever her mother asks her to. They are the model family, that you should aspire to be. Or are they?

90% of illiterate children all over the world do not go to schools, then universities, thus, getting low paid and uninteresting jobs. 95% of children who do read end up with well paid and fairly interesting jobs. Those facts are commonly known to be true and a wide variety of people are aware of them. But, what they don’t know is that 10% of those children who do read and have done impressivly in all subjects, read something more specific. Something that when you read, feels like you are immersing yourself in the fairytale world of childhood. Something that feels so magical but at the same time teaches you so much. Something that every child should experience as it is the greatest feeling in the world of reading. But what is it?

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Something Missing?

“To read stories is to fly: It is to soar to a point of vantage which gives a view over wide terrains of history, human variety, ideas, shared experiences and the fruit of many inquiries”- Roald Dahl.

Fiction. This so called “perfect family” did not read fiction, therefore limiting their expertise. Reading fiction reveals the real and rare person inside you. It gives you a doorway to a new world. Do you want the best for your child? What kind of a parent would you be if you kept this powerful discovery from their knowledge?


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