Write a letter to a headteacher persuading him/her that all students should take part in at least one hour's physical activity every day.

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Dear Headteacher,Can you imagine a school where happiness is due to a beneficial exercise regime? Do you agree that exercise is the key to success? I strongly urge you on behalf of all pupils concerning the school- change is needed. I implore you to transform the timetable so that one hour's fitness is included into everyday life; whether it be a contact sport such a rugby or perhaps an hour of
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badminton, i cannot stress enough how important it is that physical activity is incorporated within the school's timetable.Sapped of energy, drained and tired, many pupils feel dreadful after 3rd period because their brain has been working so hard. Stress is a challenging factor which youths have to face mainly due to education, therefore to overcome this problem it is imperative that we have one hour's physical challenge to de-stress. Vital and imperative, this hour is beneficial as we recieve a much needed and well earned rest and it also aids us to concentrate in the classroom for longer periods of ...

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An excellent letter written to persuade. Well written and logically structured, it includes tripling, repetition, rhetorical questions,personal case studies and statistics. Vocabulary is well chosen for maximum effect and varied syntax also creates a very persuasive letter.