Write a letter to the Government about a Social Networking Issue.

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Write a letter to the Government about a Social Networking Issue.

Dear Government Communications Department,

I am writing this letter to bring to your attention to multiple Social network issues which I avidly feel must be strongly addressed immediately. My concern for this is very serious and I believe this issue is a major factor in our age. Social Networking is one of the literal essences of our era. Around the world, many people rely on Social Networking sites such as, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to express their feelings freely, to arrange events with others or to communicate with people across the globe or across the room. Being protected on the Internet is as imperative as being protected in real life, due to the amount of hackers and spies there are. There are many hazards included with the package of a Social Networking account. Some of these risks are: hijacked information, viruses or spyware within attachments or pictures, access to age inappropriate content, cyber-bullying/stalking and many others. Although intended for good, these particular sites can lead to drastic harm, physical and psychological.

Cyber bullying poses as a large threat among our society. Every day, children and teenagers alike are being bullied behind walls with no one to turn to. Cyber bullying can be as simple as repeatedly sending online messages or distressing somebody who has said they want no more interaction with the bully. It may also include repeated threats, false accusations, and pointless humiliation or otherwise continuously being tormented by someone online. By ganging up on a victim, this make the person the subject of teasing in online chats, posting false announcements as facts, aimed at interrogating or humiliating the targeted person. Hiding behind a username is a simple thing to do. Bearing this in mind, bullies can easily send anonymous hate messages to victims who cannot retaliate because they are most likely to be weaker, this making them easier targets. I feel this is a very important task to deal with because according to the Cyberbullying Research Center, "there have been several high‐profile cases involving teenagers taking their own lives in part because of being harassed and mistreated over the Internet, a phenomenon we have termed cyberbullicide – suicide indirectly or directly influenced by experiences with online aggression."

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Another demanding issue is Phishing. Phishing is the illegal practice of sending emails claiming to be from trustworthy companies in order to encourage individuals to reveal personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers, on the internet. Phishing is a continuous threat which keeps growing to this day. The risk grows even larger in Social Networking Sites, where there are many people in one group, making them an easy target. Hackers commonly use these sites to attack people at home, or in public such as, airports, internet cafes or libraries in order to take personal and security information which ...

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