Write An Extra Chapter For "Of Mice and Men".

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Of mice and men Chapter

The soft summer breeze tip toed through the tall wooden windows, causing ripples to emerge on the patriotic flag perched high above his desk. The boss observed his surroundings out of the windows. With every breath he took he inhaled the fresh blend of mahogany and polished oak along with the tiniest waft of hand crafted metals riding along the air from the various selections of rifles, each placed perfectly perpendicular to one another along each wall. The only sound that could be heard was the heavy velvet curtains rhythmically brushing against either side of the photo frames floating along the walls.

Suddenly an abrupt gust of cold wind slithered down the spine of the boss, however he refused to shiver it away. The high heels of Curley’s boots stomped through the soft slippery sand. Dust rose up from the ground as the rapid footsteps forged a pathway towards the boss’s office. The boss sat down on his padded leather chair and waited, his eyes resting on the door in front of him. The light shining through the small outline of the door disappeared for a moment. BANG! Curley’s heavy boots landed on the wooden floor. The sand tried to follow him into his dad’s office but the door had swung shut.

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“Take-off-your-shoes.” whispered the stern boss rhythmically. “Never enter my office with dirty feet, do you understand?” Curley’s lips parted but then closed again as he reluctantly removed his filthy boots. “Good, now sit down.”

Curley obliged and sunk into the chair facing his father. “Candy told me you wanted to see to me.” Curley kept his eyes away from his fathers gaze as he already knew the reason for which his father had hunted him down for.

The boss tilted his chair forwards a little. “Tell me boy, what happened to your hand?”

Curley looked up nervously. “What do ...

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