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Dear Agony,

            I am writing a letter to discuss my problem with you. It’s really hard for me right now. I have a big problem with my father. I think he is selfish old man. He is asking me to get married with Demetrius whom my friend got crush on. And as being her best friend, I cannot marry Demetrius. Anyway I love Lysander. I love him so much that I wouldn’t regret marrying him instead of wealthy Demetrius. But my father is forcing me to marry Demetrius because he is wealthy and has good family tree. I know that my dad is look out for me and wanting me to marry Demetrius so that I could have more comfortable life. And later on when my father leaves me and die, I could be comfortable with no problems what so ever. I thank him for that. However, if you marry a man who you don’t even love, the life of marriage could be worse than hell. I don’t want to have my life ruined because of my marriage with no love. I think I will soon have a mental problem. Worse thing is my father sued me to Theseus the duke of Athens. Theseus said I shall listen what my father says or I shall be killed. Where on earth father sue their child only because they didn’t obey them. How selfish are they. I really want to run away from this house. Soon, I have to make my choice. Choice number one, listen to my father, or choice number two, shall be killed. Oh and another option, they said that I could become a nun. But I don’t want to be a nun. I want to marry Lysander! Help me please before I become a mental patient and help me please before I make my choice

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         Your sincerely,


Dear Hermia.

               I am writing a letter to let you know that I read you unfortunate problem and to tell you the solution to this problem. I thought about the solution to your problem. And I am determined to help you. This is very odd situation because like you said, there are no one sued their child before, during my job as ...

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