Writing From Macbeth's Point Of View - GCSE

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Draft – Recreations

Was that a dagger swimming into the cold chambers of my imagination? Or am I just a lunatic? The answers lingered in my brain, spiralling out of control, making me faint, as I inhaled the black starless sky. The deep careless thoughts caressed my body; as the cold air embraced my white speckled soul. The dagger pierced its way into my thoughts, allowing darkness to fill my soul. I felt myself fighting above the surface, as if I were drowning, being pulled back from underneath. Am I drowning in my sins? Or the sea made tears of sorrow, after the deed is done. It was as if the shackles - made of daggers - tightened its grip, every time I tried to scream for help, devouring my soul even further into the deep, dark thoughts, I had once forbidden myself from.

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My heart, severely at unease, smashed itself against its cage. Lady Macbeth is not right. I shall not let it be right. Such thoughts were never right. How dare she question my love, my manhood, my pride? With these very hands, I stripped this kingdom of war, and yet she belittles me with her little games. If that does not make me a man, then I do not know what does. I did not become Thane of Cawdor by chance. I earned this, with every ounce of manhood I have. I sought victory in war, and found it, yet I ...

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