Writing to Describe, Narrate, Imagine: "Your Dream House"

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Assignment 2: Writing to Describe, Narrate, Imagine

Your Dream House

Have you ever wondered what your dream house of the future might be? What about a futuristic style with a High-Tech design, a warm feeling of nature and a soft, sandy, beach? Imagine if your bills were low and that you could relax and have fun while somebody else is doing the work for you. Nothing becomes easier than this! I’ve created a brand new villa which is both technological and eco-friendly. This invention is probably the most wanted in the world out of all families, and I have just built it for you!

The dream house has a modern style. Its curved edges and glass-windowed walls make it more than a present day building; it makes it as futuristic as possible. Not only: it has wide stairs and spaceful rooms you have always desired, the polished concrete and marble floors will give you fewer health problems and less maintenance which make your life easier. The inside of the villa is very colourful to make you and your guests feel warm and welcoming. The glass walls are all angled to reveal specific views of the surroundings; the deep blue ocean to one side and tropical, ever-green plants full of wonderful nature, to the other.


Join now!

There are many rooms in this villa, all of which have their own characteristics and features which them unique. The main entrance leads you straight into the living room and beside it, the kitchen; very inviting. Here you can calmly watch TV on a comfy sofa that with only one touch to the side will open into a bed or, even better, will call your personal CHAT-Bot of the house. What is it? I will answer you right away. It is a robot with human-like purposes and feelings; it can talk, ask questions and answer back, move and think in ...

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