Writing to Describe:"The City"

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Writing to Describe                                                                  Jordan Pargeter

Writing to Describe:

“The City”

Pushing through the swarm of the crowd the electric air buzzes with anticipation and excitement. Beeps, shouts and bangs echo through this metropolis creating a peculiar cacophony of sounds that dance off the hanging inky sky. Bars and clubs display their illuminating green, blue and red neon signs, drawing to them eager chumps. Like moths to a flame, the mesmerised customers gather in monstrous crowds, to splurge their monies on extortionately priced pints, Cheeky Vimto’s and packets of crisps.

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The few bodies that wander the streets sober keep to themselves, walking the grey pavements quiet and alone. Huddled silhouettes that mumble and groan in tucked away side streets just seem to blend in with the plainness of their surroundings. Lofty buildings masked with eroded brickwork shield their business from passers by, but the rough rubbing of money on money can be heard like an explosion.

Cars and Taxis shoot past. They whiz and zoom across the streets, leaving a prominent oily scent in the atmosphere. Etching tyre marks into the road, young ‘boy-racers’ screech round corners ...

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