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Poverty – The world’s greatest problem

Poverty is the greatest problem facing the world today and through the annals of history. The fact that wealth is distributed so unevenly, many would say unfairly is a problem that has occurred for millennia. Whether it be the social stratification of ancient Egypt or that of today’s world, poverty has always existed and some say, always will.

Ever since there has been poverty, there have been those that have tried to help the poor. There may have been money given, or food offered, there has always been a struggle to combat poverty.  However this has always seemed futile, the black hole of poverty in our world has never been closed, and it has never ended. Though, in these modern times, due to our social structure and awareness, there are fewer people suffering from absolute poverty than any other time in history. Every time we enter the town centre, we are surrounded by hordes of collectors, every penny we give leads to the reduction of poverty. Every time we flick on the TV, there are countless adverts telling us to donate. Every time we look in a magazine or newspaper, there are articles telling us of the world’s ills. Never has there been such a mass awareness, leading to donations, from people all around the world, to people all around the world.

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You still may be wondering why I have chosen poverty as the world’s greatest problem. It is because it is the Russian doll of the world’s problems. The fact that poverty leads to crime, disease, famine, lack of education and pollution truly makes it the roots of the world’s problems. Everything stems from poverty.

The distillation of water is also a major problem. The fact that distillation is an expensive process, requiring many resources to use, leads to a poor quality of water in those countries that can’t simply afford it. The water may carry diseases such as cholera and ...

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