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A set of diary entries from Private Ted Walden about his struggle in a prisoner of war camp

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A set of diary entries from Private Ted Walden about his struggle in a prisoner of war camp Dear Diary, I am in my tent in the middle of the night and I cannot sleep because of the constant noise of shells being fired I think the Germans are getting closer every day. We have less and less men but the problem is that the Germans are getting more and more men every day and holding ground is sounding far far easier than it really is we are getting pushed back at least 1000yards every day. Also 5 men captured every day and I am starting to wonder when the back up men are going to come. If they don't we will get pushed further and further away from Hamburg as time goes on and our whole battalion will be wiped out. Please god help me, I have no other hope, I am counting on you. If you don't get me out of this battle field I'm going to go mad. Dear Diary, I have now been caught three days now, most of the time I am in my cold, dark cell. The smell in here is putrid, everything in here I feel makes me think of my own dead body. ...read more.


I mean we need fifty raincoats to build this raft and so far we have only managed to steal thirty of them and the guards are starting to get suspicious of the fact we are always breaking our raincoats and need new ones. We need to find some better excuses or we might not stay alive. We are trying to find energy to build it but we are building slower and slower as we get more and more worn out. As well as that we need to find some way of inflating this raft plus few more minor details. Dear Diary two out of ten men who are in on the plot got found out but that isn't the worst thing, they made us all watch them be shot: it was a horrific experience and they said, "if we look away during the shooting then we will shoot you" and one of the n**i generals held his arm up to my chin to make sure I couldn't twitch or look away. As I looked back I saw all the men's faces covered in sad smiles with all their tiny bodies sanding tall. One by one they both dropped: a chill went down the back of my spine. And to top it off if we get found out you can guarantee that something much much worse will happen to us if we get caught. ...read more.


They said we had done extremely well to escape and we didn't need to sail in our raft. They offered to let us join their boat and sail back to England on a navy boat. Dear Diary I have now been reunited with my family and I have never been happier in my life. My wife is working in a steel factory and my two children are growing up to become wonderful children and will probably become wonderful Husbands and wives. However, it is not all good and well at home one of our family friend's is staying in our home because of the n**i's bombs have brought down their homes. As well this is extremely surprising that one of the families staying with us, the father of that family who I escaped from the prisoner of war camp and had that struggle with me and now we are under the same roof. I am having a wonderful time and cannot wait until Christmas which is coming up in a few months. And I cannot wait to see all my children open their presents and celebrate Christmas together again after many Christmas' apart. And yesterday I got a letter to say that I have been withdrawn from the armed forces and I will no longer need to fight, on top of that too I have got a Victoria Cross for sheer determination of leading 8 men out of their misery. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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