A term that is almost synonymous with traffic is congestion.

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Jared Newman


Eco. 101 Section 3

Naturalist Essay #1

A term that is almost synonymous with traffic is congestion.  Division Street and Pershing Drive on the Ansonia-Derby line illustrates a perfect example of traffic congestion.    The daily conglomeration of chaos that plagues these roadways, ultimately reflects, but is not restricted to, an important principle of economics, supply and demand.  At certain times in this specific area, the demand for adequate road space exceeds the amount of road space available.

Road space, in this instance, represents scarcity.  It is an agreeable fact that all motorists want the fastest, least inhibited pathway to and from their destinations.  An overwhelming inability to satisfy this want is evident on Division Street.  A simple solution, one may suggest, is to travel along an alternate route.  However, in this instance, it is necessary to mention that Division Street is one of two roads in all of Ansonia that affords motorists access to Route 8 and/or Route 34 (the two highway style roads out of the valley).  Consequently, the alternate route is similarly congested due to the size of the road (a single lane bi-way).  

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Division Street is not always overcrowded.  Early morning and late at night, it is usually free of cars and trucks.  It isn’t until the mass of retail stores and restaurants, which blanket the street open (not coincidentally the same time as people got to work in the morning, between 7 and 9am) that traffic becomes most jammed.  Motorists come from Route 34 and Route 8 to Division Street and from Division Street to Route 34 and Route 8.  Travel becomes excessively poor along the temporary bridge, which spans the Naugatuck River.  A one lane, narrow passageway coupled with no shoulders ...

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