Are all the MEDCs found in the Richer(TM) Northern Hemisphere and the LEDCs found in the Poorer(TM) Southern Hemisphere

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My Essay on the Hypothesis: ‘Are all the MEDCs found in the ‘Richer’ Northern Hemisphere and the LEDCs found in the ‘Poorer’ Southern Hemisphere.

In the world, there are countries that are developed and advanced with economics. This level of economic development usually translates into a high income per capita and a high Human Development Index (HDI). These countries are normally called MEDCs (most economically developed countries). The countries that are less developed and advanced with economics, have a low income per capita and a low Human Development Index (HDI) are normally called LEDCs (less economically developed countries).The MEDCs and LEDCs are plotted on the map on the right. My hypothesis is that the MEDCs are found in the ‘richer’ northern hemisphere while the LEDCs are found in ‘poorer’ southern hemisphere. To support this hypothesis, I must look at the indicators, which were measured on all the countries to decide if they were MEDCs or LEDCs. Furthermore, I also need to observe if the countries are sparsely (high population) or densely (low population) populated.

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The countries that are MEDCs have higher GDP per capital (gross domestic product), higher enrolment in education, higher adult literacy, a higher life expectancy, a higher percentage in access to safe different water and higher calorie intake. The MEDCs also have a lower population size (per Sq.Km), less people per doctor and a lower infant mortality. On the other hand LEDCs have lower GDP per capita, lower enrolment in education, lower adult literacy, a lower life expectancy, a lower percentage to access to safe drinking water and a lower calorie intake. They also have a higher population size, more ...

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