Case Study: Extreme Tourism in Antarctica

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Case Study: Extreme Tourism in Antarctica

Where is the tourism?

Where is the Antarctic?

Antarctica is the Southernmost continent in the world, it contains the South pole.

Where in the Antarctic is the Tourism?

1: Here is Antarctica

         The main tourist areas are near South America and Tasmania, because tourists normally fly to either Argentina or Tasmania, then take a cruise ship or normal ship to Antarctica. Also, most airports are around these areas. Obviously, the best locations for tourist settlements, services and infrastructure are where the tourists land on Antarctica. The two biggest tourist areas on land are near the mountains, this is because Skiing, Snowboarding, Ice walking, Climbing and other extreme activities are available near mountains.

2: Tourism is mainly near the Antarctic coast, often near South America or Tasmania


3: The ice, mountains, snow and freezing water make the Antarctic environment extreme, as well as making some extreme activities (including skiing, climbing, ice landing and snowboarding) possible.

Why are holidays to Antarctica extreme?

Extreme Location

There are 4 main things about the location of Antarctica, that make it extreme; the weather and temperature is one thing, because Antarctica is the driest, windiest and coldest (reaching just over -90oC) place on Earth. Another thing is the landscape, because there are mountains (which give Antarctica the greatest elevation of any continent) and much of the land is covered in snow, also, much of the ‘land’ is ice. The third thing that makes Antarctica extreme is the effect that the environment has on life; no humans actually live there, as it is too difficult, and flora and fauna are scarce; it is a desert, this means the environment is so extreme, that it makes life difficult. The sunrise and sunset is the last thing, because for some 24-hour periods, the sun does not set (it is light) and for others, the sun does not rise (it is dark).

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Activities & Attractions

Extreme Activities

Another thing that makes Antarctica extreme, is the activities available to tourists, many of which are extreme. Some of the most popular extreme activities available in Antarctica include Climbing, Ice landing, Kayaking, Helicopter & Aircraft flying, Snowboarding, Scuba diving and Skiing.

Normal Activities

        There are less normal activities than extreme activities, but the normal activities are by far the most popular, with over 90% of the activities done not being extreme. The three most popular normal activities are ways of being transported to Antarctica by boat; these activities include Ship and small boat cruises ...

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