Case study of Castleton.

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Geography GCSE Coursework 2003



Will Rudd

Geography GCSE Coursework 2003


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I carried out this case study in order to complete my geography GCSE, the case study of Castleton this ties in with the “tourism” part of the AQA syllabus. My case study was carried out in Castleton. Castleton is one of the most popular centres in the Peak District. Maybe this is because it has everything the visitor might want. Picturesque scenery, a ruined Norman castle, ancient caves, interesting geology and excellent walks. However, it also has masses of tourists visiting every year, even in winter.

My case study is comprised of information and figures originating from Castleton and the surrounding area. Castleton is an ideal site for studying tourism; it’s a tourist honey pot with thousands flocking there every year.

Castleton is close to my school and was just a short coach trip to our youth hostel, it was arranged so that we would have Sunday and Monday to record our results (this enabled me to compare the number of tourists on a weekend compared to a weekday). My general map and study boundary can be seen on the main base map (fig.  ), I chose this area because in includes the main industrial, residential, and commercial areas.


  1. “Even though Castleton attracts a large amount of tourists, there is still a problem when it comes to shopping for the locals there is an inadequate amount of shops (selling food, toiletries etc) in the village to support the number of villagers.”

  1. “Most visitors to Castleton are day-trippers that live within 30 miles of Castleton, this is reflected in congestion problems and the lack of over night accommodation, with an efficient and reliable public transport service this would help cut down congestion.”

  1. “Castleton’s busiest time of the week is the weekend.”

  1. “Castleton has many attractions for the cultural tourist.”


I used various methods during this case study. My observations were noted down onto pre-drawn tables that were later written up in neat. I noted down the type of shop on a rough base map.

Throughout this assignment I noted down important information needed for a later date, such as general trends, areas of geographical interest etc. I was equipped with a base map (showing the village in detail), a map of the area (this helped me to work out where other towns, villages etc. were in relation to Castleton).

To observe I often worked in a group of three, with each one of us doing a specific job in relation to the task e.g. one of us would be counting the number of young people, another counting the number of middle-aged people and the last one would be counting the number of old people. I did this because to do all three of these tasks at once would be virtually impossible especially seeing as though the results need to be accurate.

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For background information I used mainly the Internet (the search engine yahoo) and then briefly read the text and after that I made notes on the information.

My Plan Of Action:

I will systematically work from one side of the boundary (map reference 149 830) to the other (map reference 154 831), for map references see base map (fig.).

I will visit the key areas of significance such as Peveril Castle (this will help me with my fourth hypotheses). Another very important area is the main car park (this is where most of my pedestrian ...

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