Causes and consequences of deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest.

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Causes and consequences of deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest. 


The Amazonian rainforest is the largest rainforest in our planet, covering most of the Brazils area and extending out to neighbouring countries. The total area of the Amazonian rainforest is approximately 4 million km2, however about 14% of the rainforest has already been destroyed and this process continues at a rate of 20,000km2 a year.

The Amazon rainforest in South America covers a huge area and there are tribes of people living there who are living a way of life that hasn’t really changed for hundreds of years. There are indigenous tribes in rainforests all over the globe but the Kayapo Indians are probably the ones we know most about. Traditionally the Kayapo have used the rainforest for all their needs.

They are hunter-gatherers and subsistence farmers. They survive by hunting, fishing and collecting food from the forest. The rainforest can provide them with over 200 different types of fruits as well as nuts and leaves. They supplement this diet by growing sweet potatoes, maize and manioc in small clearings near their villages. As well as food, the Kayapo use the forest to provide them with all their building materials as well as face paints, body ornaments, musical instruments and medicines.

The rainforest climate is very hot, wet and sticky very humid. In the rainforest it rains every day. But the rain comes down and stop and comes down again it keep goes on like this nearly every day.                                                                                           The plants in the rainforest have had to adapt to the weather condition in the forest. We can prove this by looking at the trees grows tall, up to 40m through the emergent layer, in order to get sunshine.

                                                                                     On this picture we can see that the trees are really tall in order to get the sunshine. This is because trees need sunshine to get photosensitises to get the energy to grow.  

The rainforests around the world.

On this map it shows the rainforest around the world, and we can see the largest rainforest it’s the Amazonian rainforest. We can see all the rainforests are happening near the equator line, this is because how weather like around the areas near the equator line.

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The map shows how the Amazon rainforest spread out to the Brazils neighbouring countries in South America. And as we can see the countries that been involved are Colombia, Peru, Paraguay, Bolnia and etc. the Amazon rainforest its all around the Amazon river, this is happening due to lots of water and the weather that u get in them kind of places.


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                        Deforestation is the felling and clearance of forests land. Deforestation still takes place in our planets and it’s increasing every year. ...

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