Coastal Erosion Study - protection strategies at Holderness.

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To begin I will be exploring the Holderness coastline, the fastest eroding coastline in Europe, mainly down to the soft boulder clay along with the effect from the strong prevailing wind; meaning that erosion is accelerated.

Numerous strategies have been implemented along the shoreline of Holderness, from Flamborough Head to Spurn Head, within the shoreline management plan to attempt to reduce the effect of erosion on the cliffs with hard and soft engineering, and collaborating with national organisations, such as the Environmental Agency.
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Starting with the first strategy implemented, the seawall at Bridlington. This 4.7km seawall cost the local area millions to protect the residential and commercial area, this is vitally important to protect homes and businesses that will suffer a loss from both the destruction of their building and the decrease in tourists visiting the area. Furthermore, in 1991, 450m of the coastline around Mappleton had to be protected at a cost of £2 million, and using over 61,000 tonnes of rocks. It involved two hard engineering strategies of rock armour to absorb the power of the waves and building ...

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