Coombe Abbey coursework. A Historic house and Rural Environment.

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Stoke Park School and Community Technology College By: Navdeep (11T)

Introduction Page

My hypothesis is, Coombe Abbey is a rural environment and does not need management.

Coombe Abbey is a historic  in , . It is located in the countryside between  and , roughly midway between the two. Coombe Abbey was founded as a  in the . Coombe Abbey was bought by  in  and opened to the public. Coombe Abbey Country Park itself is now a hotel and many people lived there. The size of Coombe Abbey is set within 500 acres of breathtaking parkland.

My 3 key questions to help me answer the main title are:

  1. What are the ecosystems found at Coombe Abbey?
  2. What impact does human activity have on the urban-rural fringe?
  3. How is the impact of human activity managed?

The key question will look at what ecosystems are found in Coombe Abbey. The key words of the first three questions are ecosystem, impact, human activity, and urban-rural fringe. An ecosystem is a natural  consisting of all  and  in an area together with all the non-living physical factors of the environment.

Navdeep Singh

Methodology/ Data collection

Key question 1: What are the ecosystems found at Coombe Abbey?

As I had 3 key questions, each question required a different type of data collection method. In this section I will show you the different field data collection techniques that I used.

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This key question looked at the ecosystem found in Coombe Abbey. In order to find about them I decided to draw a field sketch of each ecosystem, these are Meadow, Coniferous Forest and lake on a spate piece of paper.

Picture of the three ecosystems that I found at Coombe Abbey:



Coniferous Forest

Navdeep Singh (11T)

Key Question 2: what is the impact of human activity having on the urban-rural fringe?

This key question looked specifically at the impact that human activity has on the ...

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