Desertification to The Sahel.

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Desertification to The Sahel.

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The region known as the Sahel is a wide stretch of land running from the Atlantic ocean to the African "Horn", an area that contains the countries of Ethiopia, Djibouti, and Somalia And it is the strip of land that separates savanna from the desert, the issue I have been researching is Desertification to the Sahel, in other terms, The Sahel is shrinking at an alarming rate. Animals have been allowed to graze on its fragile land, which has destroyed the vegetation. The people who live along the Sahel have caused it to shrink by cutting trees and bushes for fuel.

Global climate change is when the world’s climate is changing temperature and the weather around us is changing.

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The causes of global climate change are, CFC gasses, methane. But 98% of total global greenhouse gas emissions are natural (mostly water vapour); only 2% are from man-made sources.

In this part of Africa the effect on peoples lives has been that there country is getting hotter and Dryer, and it is causing The land to dry out and stopping them growing crops and supporting there families etc.

The message in the issue statement is, ‘It’s a waste of time and money trying to save this zone, move the people out.’

The Sahel zone has ...

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