Development is hazardous to natural and build environments

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Developing country areas will decrease the amount of poverty throughout all of Asia, including the assistance to the countries economic growth.

The development of road built infrastructure, water availability and aid will assist in the reduction of poverty.  “Infrastructure development is a driving factor that can affect poverty negatively and positively. Infrastructure is important for poverty reduction. This can be the case where development aid, road construction or water and sanitary investments have been made with poverty reduction in mind.” - (Environmental Knowledge of Change)

The increased development and aid from more developed countries would help reduce the amount of poverty in many developing countries, also helping the population’s health while helping to deteriorate the amount of poverty driven families.

Economic growth can be helped by increasing the amount of contact within inland areas around Asia. “Rapid economic growth in recent years has put enormous pressure on Asia’s transport, energy, and communications infrastructure. Unless these can be improved, they will continue to be a bottleneck to growth…Better connectivity with inland areas, for instance, would boost trade and economic growth in both coastal areas and inland…Following the 1997–1998 Asian financial crisis, countries with significant investments in infrastructure recovered faster than others...Consequently, regional infrastructure will need to be geared more towards supporting Asian production networks and regional supply chains to accelerate the return to the higher growth trajectory and further bolster the growth momentum.” - (Infrastructure for a Seamless Asia)

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As long as Asia’s economic growth still goes the way it is going, there will be a mass downfall in the economy.  Asia’s financial crisis did not improve the development, and has damaged the progress for the areas infrastructure that could be improving.

Not only will the development of infrastructure help reduce poverty and help the economy in Asia, but it will help the population’s job deficiency.

Building infrastructure for countries helps a larger amount of people to receive a stable income, and helps enlarge the size of towns and cities throughout Asia attempting to make Asia ...

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Paragraphing and format of the essay is done well, although there is no clear title to the essay. Punctuation, spelling and grammar are all done to a very high level throughout the essay.

The essay does not have a defined introduction which would help to set the scene for the essay, give the reader a general idea of the focus of the essay and help the essay flow better. The essay focuses very well on development and improvement of the infrastructure the positive effects this will have on the country bot eh economically and socially showing good links between topics. It does not however, give very much information on the negatives although some are mentioned, and this needs to be expanded upon to reach the same level earlier on in the essay. No clear conclusion is reached on whether there are more advantages or disadvantages to tie the essay up.

A good essay. The candidate shows good depth in thinking and research on the topic and is able to show good links between topics and different impacts. The essay structure needs to be reviewed to include a good introduction and conclusion for a better flow.