Does Bourne Need A Bypass?

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Shaun Caffrey 11z

Does Bourne Need A Bypass?

Bourne is situated in the East of England in the county of Lincolnshire, north of Peterborough on the A15 road (see Figs 10-13), so it does get a lot of traffic. It is a town where lots of people go through to get to Peterborough, a large city with lots of businesses. One possible solution to reduce the traffic is to build a bypass.

In the study I have conducted I intend to determine whether Bourne needs a bypass or not.

I will investigate how many cars come into Bourne from Morton at the Tesco garage, how many cars come into Bourne from Peterborough at Cherry Holt Road, how many cars come into Bourne from Stamford at Beech Avenue, and how many cars come into Bourne at Spalding Road (1,2,3 and 4 on Fig 14). I will compose a questionnaire, which will take place at Sainsbury’s and Budgens (5 and 6). Finally I will count the number of cars and spaces at 6 main car parks around the center of Bourne (7,8,9,10,11 and 12).

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I think Bourne does need a bypass because there is a lot of through traffic and congestion at the main traffic lights. In my opinion Bourne would benefit from a bypass, there would be less lorries and cars making the air cleaner, reduce noise, and danger of accidents. However in the morning there is always a large traffic jam, which a bypass would not sort out because the traffic is going to and from various schools in the area.

Shaun Caffrey 11z


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Overall rating: 3 out of 5 stars. The student has covered the main sections of the report- intro, method, results, analysis and conclusion. But all of these are at a fairly basic level. The main improvement would be to constantly refer back to the main aim and key question of 'does Bourne need a bypass'? in order to show how each set of data or information is useful and how it feeds into the conclusion to the study.