Earthquakes and Volcanoes

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Earthquakes and Volcanoes 

The 4 layers making up the Earth


  1. The inner Core.This is the hottest part of the earth. It is solid.
  2. The outer Core. This core is sorrounding the inner core.  
  3. The mantle.This is made up of semi- molten rock called magma. In the upper part of the mantle it is hard, but in the lower down it is soft and beginning to melt.
  4. The crust is the outer layer of earth. It is the solid rock on which we live. It is divided into 2 :
  1. The continental crust which carries land  
  2. The oceanic crust which carries water.  
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Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are caused by movements within the Earth. The crust is not all in one piece but is divided into alot of sections called plates. Underneath the plates there is the mantle. The plates float on the mantle and move about very slowly. The place where plates meat is called a plate boundary. Amongst those many gentle movements, occasionaly one may be violent. The movement of these plates boundaries can cause earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

The different types of plate movements

  1. Constructive margins

This is when two plates move away from eachother. ...

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