Essay on Regeneration in London and the Effects of the Olympics.

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Using Manchester, Birmingham or London as your example,

discuss and explain how the city centres have been regenerated

and the population changed?

Over the last century, we have seen cities develop and prosper in numerous ways. Cities like Tokyo have become industrial superpowers. If you take a look on the bottom of most toys, you will see “Made in China”. This just shows how China has established its manufacturing prowess, travelling from a LEDC (Less Economically Developed Country) to an NIC (Newly Industrialised Country). Companies choose to set up factories in LEDC’s due to cheap labour costs.

In England, most of the jobs are in the tertiary sector (service sector) of industry. But this was not the case 400 years ago. 400 years ago, most of the jobs were in farming (primary sector) and Britain was a large producer of crops. However, due to the Industrial Revolution, there was a drastic change in jobs; from the primary sector to the secondary sector (manufacturing).Thriving farming villages were left deserted due to people moving near to the factories. The factories encourage whole families to move into social housing surrounding the factory. As more and more workers came to work in the area, the area grew and grew. In the Industrial Revolution, the city of Birmingham grew rapidly into a major industrial centre and the town prospered. These towns which were created around the factories were dirty and the air was filled with fumes. In order to provide areas of greenery with clean air for the factory workers, National Parks were created. This is why National Parks are usually near to, what were major industrial towns during the Industrial Revolution.
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During the nineteenth century and up to the early 1950s, London was the busiest port in the world. The London Docklands were home to vast amounts of factories including the names like Tate and Lyle. At the height of the Revolution, the Docklands were the heart of the manufacturing world. It provided many jobs to the people of London. However, due to a series of changes, many of them because of improvements in technology, the dock were virtually abandoned. One of the reasons was mechanisation. The work done by ten workers could now be done buy a machine. ...

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