Extreme Tourism and Antarctica

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Extreme Tourism

What is Extreme Tourism?

Extreme tourism is an offshoot of mainstream tourism that involves the tourist going to areas with a hazardous landscape combined with a dangerous climate or remote areas that are either sparsely populated or not populated at all. More and more people are taking part in activities like rock climbing, white-water rafting, paragliding and more.

Who Takes Part?

More often than not, the typical adventure tourist will be 30 years old, unmarried person and have no children. Due to the expensive nature of these holidays, those taking part will most likely be in high power jobs, which would allow them to earn a high income. Most people will come in small groups but there are a few wealthy individuals who go by themselves. As very few people go on these types of holidays, the sector will never be as large as other tourism sectors like eco-tourism.

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What are the Attractions?

The most popular areas for extreme tourism are Peru, Chile, Argentina, Azerbaijan and Pakistan. These areas boast difficult landscapes, hard climates and even unstable political situations. A notable example of this would be the mountainous regions of north Pakistan. They are often described as some of the most difficult landscapes in the world and, as mentioned earlier, some feel that the risky political situation (as it is near an Al Qaeda base) adds an extra thrill. Other more mainstream attractions include desert trekking, canoeing in areas like the Amazon and hiking in the Himalayas.


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