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Geography Conclusion- traffic congestion

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My hypothesis is that "traffic congestion occurs on routes leading into Birmingham City Centre" and my own perception on this is that it is correct as do many commuters of Birmingham. Although I agree that traffic congestion is an issue it is not a constant problem, as there is not congestion at all times throughout the day. My outlook to this problem is that traffic congestion is only a minor problem and reaches its peak at certain times. These times are known as "rush hour" which are the few hours that workers are intending to get into the city to travel to their occupation or when the workers are travelling out of the city at the end of their work hours. As work hours are similar in the city this can cause problems on getting in or out of the city. However the congestion rate does surpass the saturation point of 1522 throughout the whole day. A report from an Inspectors report from the Midland Metro suggests that since 1997-2007 there has been a significant increase of traffic coming into Birmingham City Centre via Sheepcote Street. Sheepcote Street which leads onto Broad Street has increased by between 78% and 364% depending on the time. This can clearly give us an image of the increase in traffic and congestion through the period of this time. ...read more.


One way in which I think will reduce this number is by the government raising the penalty. This will keep the drivers aware of what they are getting into and will make them think twice before thinking about breaking this law again. In addition, another solution that has been tried out by the government is bus lanes. Bus lanes are lanes that are restricted to only buses, although in some cases taxis and cyclists may use this lane as well. The lanes help to stifle the flow of congestion on a road. The usage of this lane is to allow traffic to flow more fluently, hence reducing traffic congestion as buses are large vehicles and take up a lot of room. However carry vast amount of people. As a result of this measure being implemented, buses have a lot of advantages. Firstly, the bus lane allows there to be less or no delays in the buses. Therefore no hold ups on the routes which could potentially cause traffic congestion. Although these bus lanes have been created, an argument could be raised about the efficiency of this use of transport and if it is worth spending additional government funds on the scheme. The reduction in use of buses has risen a lot because of vandalism and misuse of this method of transport. ...read more.


However, travelling with 3 or 4 co-workers that also travel via car would reduce the amount of cars on the road. This system is used mainly in the United States and it has proven that many people use dummies to deceive the cameras to think it is a person when however it is really a driver trying to take the benefits of the HOV lane. If these criminals where to be caught a serious fine would be put on their head. In my opinion this method of reducing traffic congestion should be introduced on the main routes that lead into Birmingham City Centre. My view on the problem of traffic congestion is that it is possible to be reduced. However the local authorities must be willing to spend vast amounts of money if they intend to resolve this situation. As expected not one solution individually will terminate congestion completely. It would require a number of methods being introduced and the existing ones to be improved on. Another aspect that the council and government need to brush up on is their advertising of car sharing and other solutions such as park and ride. As these schemes have been put in place and in my eyes have the potential to be very successful. However the council and government need to publicise it more alongside other congestion cutting schemes. ?? ?? ?? ?? Surbjit Singh 11SK GCSE Geography Coursework- Conclusion ...read more.

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