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The Isle of Purbeck


The Isle of Purbeck is a huge tourist attraction which is located in the county of Dorset, England and has landmass of approximately 60 sq miles. It is bordered by the English Channel to the south and east.  Purbeck is not really an island; it is a peninsular on the South Coast of England near Bournemouth, Dorset. It is a place of natural beauty which is wonderful for family holidays or a quiet break away. Not far from London (2 1/2 hours by train), Purbeck is an area with many places of natural beauty which is why most tourists go to visit the Peninsular. Swanage and Wareham are the main towns. Swanage is on the coast and there you will find guest houses or campsites.
Purbeck is great for walking especially along the coast with beautiful views and unspoilt countryside. The famous Old Harry rocks which is one the areas I will be focusing on later in my coursework, are just off the coast and the white cliffs are a dramatic backdrop for bird watching. The walks are quite gentle though fairly hilly but the towns are quite far apart so be prepared and bring a hat, good walking shoes and lots of water. These are some of the main reasons why Tourist’s, visitors visit the isle of purbeck.


Throughout my Coursework I concentrating on 3 Hypothesis’s which all have purpose in this investigation. The 3 Hypothesis’s are stated below,

  • The Isle of Purbeck is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
  • Tourism does more harm than good within the Isle of Purbeck
  • Tourism should not be promoted or encouraged
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These 3 hypothesis’s are my targets which I aim to enforce later in my coursework when I create my own development plan which will be realistic.

Key Characteristics and features of the area

Purbeck is popular with families especially as it is near Bournemouth which is also a Tourist attraction with all the usual seaside resort activities. Around the area there are pleasant places to have tea and lunches.  It is possible to take part in lots of different water sports including windsurfing, diving, snorkelling, skiing and jet skiing.
Other sites of interest are Corfe Castle (medieval ruins), Lulworth Cove, ...

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Overall Rating: 3 out of 5 stars. A fairly good amount of geographical knowledge and understanding in terms of the processes and landforms of the area. Some of the images included are useful and meaningful to the report. Others are not referenced and it is not made explicit how they relate to the text of the report or overall to the hypotheses. Unfortunately the overall purpose and hypotheses are fairly weak. The title is vague and there is no overall aim to the investigation. Although there are two out of three appropriate hypotheses, these are not actually addressed in the investigation. There are interesting points made and information collected. However it is more about what attracts the tourists (which could have been an appropriate key question or made into a hypothesis) rather than the impact of tourism and what should be done.