Geography Coursework

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Geography Coursework

Christopher-John Hammond

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Collection and Selection of Primary and Secondary Data

Page 1                        Introduction

Page 2                House Pricing

Page 3-6                Location, Maps and Photos

Page 7                Hypothesis

Page 8-9                Key Geographical Terms

Page 10                Geographical Theory – Shopping Hierarchy

Page 11                Geographical Theory – The Burgess Model

Page 12-13                Method table

Data Presentation

Page 14                Hypothesis 1

Page 15                Hitchin Dot and Isoline Map

Page 16                Southgate Dot and Isoline Map

Page 17                Pedestrian Density Table

Page 18                Pedestrian Density Scatter Graph

Page 19-20                Spearmans Rank

Page 21                Hypothesis 2

Page 22                Hitchin Environmental Quality Table

Page 23                Hitchin Environmental Quality Stacked Bar Graph

Page 24                Southgate Environmental Quality Table

Page 25                Southgate Environmental Quality Stacked Bar Graph

Page 26                Hypothesis 3

Page 27                Sphere of Influence Map for Hitchin

Page 28        Sphere of Influence Table for Southgate

Page 29        Sphere of Influence Graph for Southgate

Page 30        Hypothesis 4

Page 31        Land Use Map for Hitchin

Page 32        Land Use Map for Southgate

Page 33        A Bar Graph to Show Types of Services in Hitchin

Page 34        A Bar Graph to Show Types of Services in Southgate

Page 35        Questionnaire Tables for Hitchin and Southgate

Page 36        Questionnaire Graph for Southgate

Page 37        Questionnaire Graph for Southgate

Page 38        Questionnaire Graph for Hitchin

Page 39        Questionnaire Graph for Hitchin

Page 40-41        Display of Questionnaire for Hitchin

Page 42-43        Display of Questionnaire for Southgate

Analysis, Interpretations and Conclusions

Page 44-47        Analysis

Page 48-49        Evaluation

Page 50-51        Conclusions

Page 52        Comparison

Page 53        Bibliography


In June 2006, my geography group went on a trip to Hitchin as part of as introduction. Key elements of this topic are land use models, shopping and settlement hierarchy, sphere of influence and traffic, pedestrian survey, environmental survey, questionnaires and vehicle surveys. We had collected these pieces of data to test against hypothesis we made.

Southgate originated as a small settlement which developed up in the North West corner of Edmonton parish along the southern boundary of Enfield Chase. The name derived from the south gate of Enfield Chase which stood roughly where Chase Road now joins Winchmore Hill Road. Slightly to the south another small settlement, known as South Street, grew up around Southgate Green. The two settlements were eventually linked by ribbon development along what is now Southgate High Street. The name, South Street, gradually fell out of use during the 19th century. Southgate's first place of worship, the Weld Chapel was built in Waterfall Road in 1615. (It was replaced by the present Christ Church in 1863).

The area was originally very heavily wooded. Much of the future Arnos and Grovelands estates consisted in the 16th century of oak coppice woods which were heavily exploited. The main products were firewood, charcoal and oak bark which was sold for use in tanning. (Remains of the woodland can be seen in Grovelands Park).

Although now best known for it's  Hitchin's history stretches far back in time. By the middle of the 19th century the railway had arrived, and with it a new way of life for Hitchin. The Corn Exchange was built in the Market Place and within a short time Hitchin established itself as a major centre for grain trading. The latter half of the 20th century has also brought great changes in communication to Hitchin. Motorways have shortened the journey time and brought Luton, a few miles away on the Ml, and the A1 (M) even closer.


Here is a four bedroom house in Southgate; it’s on for sale for £645,000. It is a detached house on chase way.

This is also a four bedroom detached house on sale for £339,995.

Hitchin in comparison to Southgate sells homes for the same size but almost half the price. This is because the land becomes more expensive closer to London.



  • East of England
  • Found between the M1 and A1 (M) motorways
  • Located along A505
  • NE of Luton
  • NNE of central London
  • Approximately 40 km from Southgate
  • Population of 30 360
  • Hertfordshire


  • Greater London
  • N14
  • 15 km from central London
  • Piccadilly line


There are more pedestrians closer to the CBD in both Hitchin and Southgate.

I predict this because there are services and jobs therefore making it busier. There is also the tube and a bus terminal where locals pass through to get to central London. Also further out there are less services, less jobs and it is more residential.

The environment is of a higher quality in Hitchin than in Southgate.

Join now!

I predict this because firstly there, is the tube and a bus terminal, therefore commuters may drop litter. It is also closer to central London. There are two fast food restaurants. There are a high density of pedestrians and cars causing a lot of congestion through the high street. Further more Hitchin also has pedestrianised areas.

 Hitchin has a wider sphere of influence than Southgate.

 I predict this because there is a market on Tuesdays and Saturdays. They sell more comparison goods than Southgate. Hitchin has car parks where as Southgate have pay and display areas so there are ...

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