Geography- Does the UK have any extreme environments?

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Geography- Does the UK have any extreme environments?

The Lake District National Park is the mountainous region located in the north - west of England, in the county of Cumbria, just south of Scotland. It's the largest National Park in England and Wales. It covers approximately 2,290 km/ 800 square miles.

Lake District is a mountainous area which makes population settlement difficult because of its high altitude environment.  The floods of November 2009 were consistent with predictions for climate change and around 1,300 homes and businesses were destroyed by the floods. The climate of Lake District is not temperate; the region has very high rainfall between 100mm and 250mm. During the year, the temperature is very windy and the fog is dense, the temperature could go down to -18’c. Furthermore there are factors which suggest that this is an extreme environment, as in some cases there is damage to public access and transport infrastructure by extreme weather events particularly floods of sea level rise damaging public access and buildings. Lower river flows and lake levels will result in pollution and higher water temperatures in summer leading to impacts on vulnerable species, therefore will impact vegetation too. However, there are access to shops, medical help, doctors and schools, internet access, transport and electricity.

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In the region of Lake District, the population density is very low which means it’s sparsely populated. This is because where there is less extreme environment the area is densely populated. Whereas, when there is more extreme environment, it’s sparsely populated because people would want to stay away from hazardous zones. The factors responsible for a densely populated area are due to mountainous areas that prevent people from building shops, houses and growing vegetation.

However, what brings tourists to these mountainous areas is the site seeing of the natural untouched environment. The people living in the area use the environment ...

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