Global warming

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‘There is no such thing as global warming and even if there is, humans are not to blame.’

The term ‘global warming’ refers to an overall increase in the Earth’s temperature which may be caused by a number of factors, including the greenhouse effect. The atmosphere has a ‘natural supply’ of greenhouse gases which keep the Earth at a suitable temperature (above freezing). Scientists have said, however, that there being too many of these gases in the atmosphere is causing the temperatures rise too much and too quickly, causing many problems for the environment.

Although it has become a worldwide phenomenon over the last few years, there are many people with the attitude that global warming doesn’t really exist. There has been debate all over the world and there are a number of different popular theories. Whilst some people believe the world is getting warming and it is being made worse by humans, others have the opinion that it is a natural process that is nothing to do with us.

        There have been numerous investigations done by scientists and records gathered from over a long period of time that may indicate different patterns in temperatures in relation to human activity on Earth, but these are almost always scrutinised by critics. Not all the signs of global warming come from scientific research though, some of the effects we can notice in our everyday lives, such as the reduction of ice cover, the rise in sea levels, animals moving north, and increasing severe storms.

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One argument against humans being to blame for global warming is that water vapour is the most important greenhouse gas, as appose to carbon dioxide or methane as it accounts for around 98% of all warming. This would suggest that the carbon emissions that come from our cars and factories don’t play as big a part in climate change as people are lead to believe. On the other hand, changes in its concentration are considered to be a result of climate feedbacks related to the warming of the atmosphere rather than a direct result of industrialization. The air is able ...

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