Greenwich Millennium Village - Sustainable Living

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Geography Homework – Greenwich Millennium Village

  1. Where is the Greenwich Millennium Village?
  2. How can we describe the land on which the GMV has been built?
  3. How can the GMV be described as being a ‘sustainable community?’

The Greenwich Millennium Village is on the Greenwich Peninsula, in south-east London, on the south banks of the River Thames in London. It is around one mile upstream from the Thames Barrier and south of the O2 Arena. It is a small ‘village’ based in the area of more ‘modern’ housing, supposed to be a more ‘sustainable’ settlement.

Greenwich Millennium Village would be said to have been built on a brownfield site, as it is technically the redevelopment of the gasworks that originally were founded in the. The gasworks were eventually closed in the late-20th Century, and so it was replaced by the Greenwich Millennium Village, as there were already the necessary gas, water and electricity connections for a new development, and the land was cheap and it was unnecessary to use greenfield sites for the same reason.

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The GMV has a variety of features available to make it the unique sustainable community that it is. The definition of a sustainable community is that it ‘must meet the needs of present and future inhabitants, and have a minimal ecological footprint.’

The settlement has rain collection facilities that collect water to be used in toilet flushing, which reduces the need for new water to be pumped out every time the toilet is flushed. The water also is used to water plants and waste water from baths, showers and sinks is filtered and used for the same things.

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