How Does California Prepare For Earthquakes?

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How Does California Prepare For Earthquakes

        California is located on the San Andres fault which is where the North American (continental plate boundary) and Pacific Plate (oceanic plate boundary) meet. This is a convergent plate boundary where both the North American and Pacific plate are sliding past each other northwards but the Pacific Plate is moving faster than the North American plate. These results in approximately thirty one earthquakes occurring in California each day but the majority of the earthquakes are so small that they are not felt. The high amounts of small earthquakes are building up pressure in the crust so eventually there will be an earthquake of a very high magnitude. This is why California has to prepare for the high magnitude earthquake.

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        All residents in California have or at least should have, an emergency evacuation plan so they know exactly what to do immediately after an earthquake, a First Aid kit it assist in case someone is injured, a stored supply of water where every person in a household can consume a gallon of water per day for three days, and finally, a fire extinguisher if a fire was to take place because of broken gas lines. People in general should think about earthquake insurance and to lower injury risks in the home, and they have to secure their furniture by bolting ...

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