How to reduce traffic congestion

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How to reduce road traffic congestion

In order to reduce traffic congestion, one of the solutions is to adjust the transportation system, this can be done by increasing the supply, in this case the supply is the number of roads or road capacity.

Ways which affect supply that can reduce road traffic congestion include:

Increasing capacity at bottlenecks

This can help reduce traffic congestion as road construction especially on motorways and other major roads can cause one or more lanes unusable thus creating the bottleneck effect which causes traffic congestion. Adding more lanes will increase the capacity however at the expense of safety lanes and hard shoulders and or by removing local obstacles such as widening tunnels or bridge supports.

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Adding more lanes onto roads

This is this most obvious method of reducing traffic congestion however it can also make it worse due to induced demand which is where due to an increase of supply, more of a good (in this case the roads) are consumed.

Alternative routes

By creating alternative routes, it reduces congestion in some areas as it spreads out the volume of traffic in an area if not everyone is using the same route. This can also be reinforced by introducing congestion charges in inner-city and inner-town areas across the UK. This is another good ...

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