How we need to manage tourism by he year 2050

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How we need to manage tourism by he year 2050

As the minister of tourism I feel it is my duty to improve tourism  in Kenya, and stop it getting out of hand.

Kenya is a beautiful and popular place. More and more people by the year are wanting to visit. It has many attractions and people from all around the world are wanting to visit the national parks, safari parks, the coral reefs, different cultures, accommodation, beautiful scenery and hot weather.

Tourism is important to the country because like all developing countries Kenya needs all the money it can get. And without having to rely on developed countries for charity, tourism is one way in which it can hope to achieve a better standard of living for its people. Tourism is also important because poor people are making money from tourists and the multiplier effect takes place e.g. because they get more money and trades do better and develop. The money the poor people gets goes towards schools, hospitals, roads and any other thing that will help build the country. That is why tourism is vital to the economy.

The people in Kenya cant afford expensive equipment and most have no skills. But they have resources e.g. the hot weather, safaris, parks, coral reefs.

However this made be good but in order to keep tourism under control but at the same time using sustainable tourism e.g. we want to change some aspects but without damaging the environment, people and wildlife. Here are some points we need to improve on:


These are very popular in Kenya one of the very famous one is the Masai Mara kenyas finest.

The number of Rhinos has declined by 90% in the last decade due to hunters. Strict regulations will have to be enforced  to stop hunters but I fear it will be a long time until the population recovers.

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Also I think that we should control the amount of tourists allowed to enter the parks because far to many are being allowed to enter, making the park crammed full of tourists scaring animals and dropping litter, may causing animals danger. We should do this by raising money to install knew computers for the people who work at the safari controlling how many go into and when they come out.

Mini buses are also a problem they tear up the ground causing soil erosion and before long the vegetation is just dust. To prevent this buses keep to a certain ...

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