Human effects on coastal landforms

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Human effects on coastal landforms Every action had a reaction, this rule also applies with coastal management and human activity on coastal areas. Whether we know it or not we are constantly destroying our natural defence from the sea, our beaches. The removal or destruction of sand dunes and coastal management have huge effects on our coasts, we may think we are protecting or improving one area but it is usually at the expense of other areas nearby. Sediment starvation caused by river and coastal management is one effect of human activities on the coast. The building of dams on rivers can cause problems on the coasts, as the transport of sediment is inhibited. This means no new material is added to the beaches and so they are eroded away by the sea. The fact that beaches are being eroded away by the sea should not be anything to worry about as it has been happening for thousands of
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years, and Britain is divided into cells, in which this sediment is usually contained and equally distributed. However due to coastal management these cells have been interrupted and the balance has been lost, the use of groynes to protect beaches from wave erosion has caused the trapping of sediment that is transported via longshore drift. Although this seems to be good for the area as it increases their defences from the effects of erosion by the sea, the trapped sediment cannot be transported to other areas in the cell, so other beaches are eroded with no supply of fresh sediment, ...

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