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GCSE: Human Geography

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  1. Solving the Longitude Problem for Navigation

    First prize of ?20,000 goes to the person who illustrates a method that rightfully determines longitude to an accuracy of half a degree of a great circle. Second prize was ?15,000 for a method accurate to within two thirds of a degree. Last but not least, the method that perfectly measures to within one degree receives ?10,000. The Board of Longitude consisted of scientists, naval officers and government officials, which were a panel of judges that were established by the Longitude Act.

    • Word count: 505
  2. Thailand/Bangko. Explain how different factors impact on travel to a selected worldwide destination

    a monsoon rains which is really dangerous for everyone which means that the negative side of this country and what the tourist don?t like as well as local people. During the heavy monsoon season rains can be very torrential to the country and the living city also it can affect travel and even cause floods. In Bangkok the monsoons are sudden very quickly and this means that if it is rain suddenly the rain can catch people unprepared and makes it more difficult to escape, especially for elderly people as well as people who come for a holiday.

    • Word count: 772
  3. Letter about saving the orangutans

    Firstly, why do wealthy want a pet like Orang-utans? The illegal pet trade in Orang-utans of wildlife is, unfortunately, very common in Indonesia and throughout Southeast Asia. Orang-utan infants are usually poached then sold on the black market for pets with the price up to thousands of dollars as they are cute. According to the information about Orang-utans, babies cling to their mothers and suckle their mother?s milk until the age of 6 years. Many baby orangs die before they become pets. Stress and disease kills as many as four out of five young orangs in the first few months after being caught.

    • Word count: 630
  4. Discuss the contrasting health care approaches in countries at different stages of economic development (LEDC + MEDC)

    Different countries at different stages of development have varying healthcare approaches. Within countries such as the USA healthcare is focused mainly on the aging population, with many people suffering from age related illnesses such as Arthritis. In contrast to many of its European counterparts, The USA offers a pluralistic healthcare system, i.e. healthcare is viewed as a consumer product. The state role in healthcare is minimal and indirect, allowing healthcare to exist based on free market principles. Within America the consumer pays for everything and most people have to have insurance to cover the cost.

    • Word count: 693
  5. Global Warming Speech

    amendment Wednesday that would have put the chamber on record backing the widely held scientific view that global warming is occurring and humans are a major cause. ?Congress accepts the scientific findings of the Environmental Protection Agency that climate changes is occurring, is caused largely by human activities, and poses significant risks for public health and welfare.? Lawmakers voted 184-240 against Rep. Henry Waxman?s (D-Calif.) amendment.? Dr.

    • Word count: 563
  6. The Impact of Tourism on Benidorm.

    The fact that it?s in one of the most southern regions of Spain and is faces the sun is one of the many reasons so many people were drawn to Benidorm. Another reason it became so popular is the fact that it is only a 2-3 hour flight from most places in Europe and it?s cheap and affordable for most families.For the majority of the local people tourism is their income in one way or another, with 85% of income being from tourism.

    • Word count: 435
  7. Issues in Australian Environmental Management.

    Sophisticated waste disposal systems are therefore required to deal with the enormous quantities of ensuing rubbish and pollution. Finding sustainable methods of waste disposal while simultaneously upholding the comforts of Australians produce about 3 kilograms of waste per person. This waste can be in the form of solid (or dry) waste, liquid waste, or gaseous waste. As urban growth continues to take old in many of Australia?s capital cities, our levels of all these types of waste, combined with the problems created when it comes to disposing of them are constantly increasing.

    • Word count: 627
  8. Regeneration of Londons Docklands- Geography

    Also, portside industries and manufacturing were declining too. Containerisation (the use of cranes and not people) was another factor of the London Docks going into decline. In the Isle Of Dogs in 1981, the population had declined and so had the employment rate. Moreover, access to the rest of London was poor.

    • Word count: 453
  9. Potentially Positive Effects of Climate Change

    Once, the artic icebergs have melted, ships are able to simply through the arctic ocean, above Russia into the Asia, in a much faster route. Currently, Russian and other European shippers have to travel a very long way, through the Suez Canal in order to service Asia. Once the northern trade route is opened, it is one third shorter than the current route, saving both time and fuel for European shippers coming into Asia. This route will be much more safer for the shippers as they will be able to avoid pirates roaming in the East Africa Seas and also trouble triggered by Arab Spring Revolution in the area around the Egyptian waterway.

    • Word count: 977

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