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GCSE: Human Geography

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  1. Should the Hastings bypass be built?

    The Hastings bypass is an advantage to the local motorists, business and economy of the local area and motorists who are not local but travelling from other places along the east to the west (i.e. Dover to Eastbourne). However it also poses potential disadvantages to such stakeholder groups as the people living next to the proposed site(s) and people who feel that it would 'tear apart' the business and economy of Hastings and Bexhill.

    • Word count: 483
  2. Quality of life interview.

    The public can be fount near shops, on the streets or if no one was round, say on a rainy day, it would be relevant if you polity knock on a door and then ask the questions.

    • Word count: 231
  3. Is the environment better in the outskirts?

    4 1 Greenery 7 5 7 3 4 7 5 7 0 6 9 5 House condition 2 5 4 4 5 8 6 9 5 1 3 0 Vandalism 9 10 1 2 3 3 4 10 5 8 0 7 Totals 21 28 14 16 20 26 24 29 12 17 16 13 0-terrible 10-fantastic I needed to collect one piece of data. The parking restrictions will be worse in the CBD? Data Collection I walked around Henley to find out what the parking restrictions were like I expected to find more restrictions in the CBD and less in the outskirts, because there is more traffic in the CBD and it needs to be uncongestted.

    • Word count: 755
  4. "Functions in Belfast central business district display patterns of location- clustered, random, and uniform and these can be explained".

    Clustered functions are found close together (banks, department store), this may be for; *Convenience- less travel to select goods. *Information- swapped between businesses. *Contact- between businesses. *Comparison-customer wants to compare goods and prices. Bid rent- Given total space available in the city, the central sites are relatively few, so competition for them will be intense, and prices higher. The most central sites will be the most attractive. In our class discussion concerning or field trip in the Belfast C.B.D we chose six functions of concern to us. This would give us a mixture of Orders to allow us to compare and contrast.

    • Word count: 740
  5. How does environmental quality change with distance from the suburbs of Cardiff to the C.B.D.?

    The houses need little repair, there is parkland nearby and there is no litter and vandalism. There are not many pedestrians. As you get closer to the C.B.D. there is an increasing number of small shops which sell items such as electrical goods. Why does environmental quality change with distance from the C.B.D.? In the suburbs of Cardiff the environmental quality is good. This may be because it was noticed that there were not many pedestrians in this area, which means litter and vandalism is minimum, also the quality of housing is very good with little repair needed and the houses are very expensive.

    • Word count: 492
  6. What Bradley Stoke has to offer?

    However due to poor funding it has been difficult to maintain or run some of these facilities. Has Bradley Stoke been a success? There are two views to this question. Some people say yes while others say no. There are many different opinions about why Bradley Stoke is a success or a failure. It's a Success Below is a list showing some of the reasons why people think that Bradley Stoke is a success: * It's a very accessible place by the motorway. * Not many noisy neighbours. * No graffiti problems. * There is a wide range of houses to choose from and they all have modern facilities.

    • Word count: 887
  7. Evaluation of Canterbury 'Shopping Streets' Tour.

    Peter's street, and that is a tiny amount compared with the population of Canterbury, so I cannot be sure that our findings were representative of everybody's views. This means that the quality of the results were affected and aren't 100% accurate. I think that a figure around 500 people would be satisfactory to give me much more accurate results. * The sample of people I chose to interview were slightly biased because I had problems with the age of people that I asked questions to because it was mainly adults who answered my questions.

    • Word count: 720
  8. There are a selective variety of transport facilities in present day Runcorn.

    There are taxi firms willing to take passengers and there are regular buses, normally between 15 to 20 minutes. In Runcorn there are two train stations, Runcorn Old Town and Runcorn (East) Murdishaw. Runcorn old town goes to Liverpool and then onto London, Euston, while Runcorn East takes passengers to Manchester then onto Wales. To help maintain the safety on the roads of Runcorn, there are facilities, which are installed to help slow vehicles on closed (normally between 20 and 30m/hr limits)

    • Word count: 494
  9. This piece of coursework is based in Bristol and how the city is laid out. This includes the residential areas, the industrial areas & how Bristol, if at all fits into any of the existing city land use models.

    The cleanliness, building materials etc. were recorded using an environmental quality survey and to be interpreted later in this piece. Also the data used in the cloropleth maps is also going to be explained. These are a good, efficient way of displaying data in an understandable way. ENVIROMENTAL QUALITY SURVEY OF MERRYWOOD ROAD, BEDMINSTER, 11.3.03 ENVIROMENTAL SCORE New ?1 Old Quiet ? Busy Friendly ? Unfriendly Tidy ? Untidy Clean ? Dirty Pretty ? Ugly Interesting ? Boring Planned ?

    • Word count: 774
  10. The stakeholders of Cadbury's.

    the government did this so there would be less people claiming benefits and a higher employment rate. The employees of Cadbury's are stakeholders in the business because their interest is their job. If Cadbury's were not open they would have to find another job. The customers of Cadbury's are stakeholders because they want to buy the products Cadbury's make. The customers could be shops who sell Cadbury chocolate or selling direct to the public through Cadbury shops.

    • Word count: 467
  11. My main aim for this investigation is to evaluate the effectiveness of management strategies within Matlock Bath.

    1. Why is traffic an issue in Matlock Bath? 2. What is the current traffic situation? 3. What strategies have been adopted to help the management of traffic? 4. To what extent are these strategies effective? 5. Possible improvements for the area Structure of investigation Primary Data Type of data Analysis Reason to include this Brain Storm An easy and simple approach to highlight tourist attractions Sphere of influence To illustrate why the area is popular and relate my theory to reality Traffic Counts Records the type and amount of vehicles passing a given point Highlight the main method of transport and illustrate the busiest times of the day Traffic

    • Word count: 692
  12. Metro Centre - Gateshead

    The centre was built to attract people away from the centre of Newcastle to do their shopping. There are nearly all the major chain stores in the centre, but there are also many specialist shops. In the Metro centre there is also a large amusement centre for children to go to while there parents are shopping.

    • Word count: 347
  13. The most popular mode of transport used to reach Wilmslow

    that day, the frequency of their visits, the purpose of their visits and a final question in which they can write or their personal comments on car parking, pedestrianisation and the type of shops available in Wilmslow. There are however some limitations to this method of data collection as it did not ask for gender or age, which are vital pieces of information as this could have a big effect on our final results. As we carried out our investigation on a Friday morning when all teenagers were in school, and possibly most adults were at work, this means that the only people we interviewed were pensioners, the unemployed or people who were on a break.

    • Word count: 718
  14. I will investigate the impact of tourism on two honeypot sites in the North York Moors National Park. I will also investigate whether or not tourism in the area is sustainable.

    Also they are owned by National Trust, Forestry Commission, Water Companies, Ministry of Defence and County Councils. National Parks are not parks as the public are not allowed to wander where they like. Also they are not national as they are not owned by the nation. There are many types of landscapes in the national parks, such as, coastal in Scarborough, upland areas in Brecon Beacons, woodlands in the New Forest and wetlands in the Norfolk Broads. There are many conflicts in the National Parks. An example is that if there are people that want to fish then they will be disturbed by water skiers.

    • Word count: 705
  15. I am going to write a newspaper article about my town, it is called Luton.

    All of the houses down my road are either four or three bed-roomed houses. They all have front and back gardens as well as a park. This is a good feature as it allows children to play in the comfort of their own road; this is very reassuring for parents. If you go out of my road there is a main road, which if you follow will either take you to Wigmore Valley Park, which is an enormous playing field that sits directly next to the airport. It is used mainly in the summer where you would have families with picnics, fun and games and people walking their dogs.

    • Word count: 722
  16. To investigate the characteristics of two contrasting CBD's.

    Overall I did four activities to obtain my information; pedestrian traffic counts, land use survey, environmental quality survey and the questionnaires. I also did some background research on the village and some extra research. I questioned around 30 people around Shrivenham High Street. I approached a few more than 30 people but some were in a hurry or did not want to answer my questions. I used the same questionnaires as I did in Swindon. Although to prove or disprove hypothesis 2 all I needed to do was to work out the sphere of influence of Shrivenham so I only really needed the question of where people came from, although the others were interesting.

    • Word count: 874
  17. The Effects of Tourism in Menorca

    In combination with the climate, attractive for tourists that enjoy beach holidays. * The scenery - Menorca has a lot of forestry. It is much greener and lush than its Balearics. * Development one the sea front- means that there are hotels right on the seafront that allows excellent access for tourists that want a beach holiday. * A promenade along the coastline- means that tourists that wish to walk along the coast without walking along a beach full of people.

    • Word count: 867
  18. The Castleton Area of the Peak District requires a new management plan to cope with the increasing pressure of visitors.

    Traffic Survey I Have run a traffic survey to see how many cars/vehicles go past in a certain time, I run the survey for 5:00 minutes between 10:45 and 10:50, the survey was run at the bus terminus on How Lane (see map 2), these were my results: Bicycles Cars Minibuses/Coaches Lorries Vans 0 50 1 1 6 Litter Survey To see how much litter there is in Castleton I have run a simple litter survey which consists of 3 areas, in these areas I have commented on the amount of litterbins and litter.

    • Word count: 951
  19. Hypothesis one - Stratford has a larger sphere of influence than Evesham.

    The river Avon with its canal boat restaurant also appeals to tourists. The environment is also better than Stratford so tourists enjoy being there. Stratford is close the main motorways and is surrounded by smaller settlements like Redditch and Bromsgrove and is close to Birmingham international airport. Stratford has a larger sphere of influence; consequently it receives more tourists which cause problems to the locals and the area. The area becomes congested as many tourists come to visit which causes problems for the locals who have to travel on the same roads to get to work.

    • Word count: 848
  20. I think the hypothesis of the CBD was a good place to start because it helped me to concentrate on the important things from the investigation, it also kept me focused and I had something to aim for.

    Doing the questionnaire in parts on different days, which would have shown a more spread out set of results. Bi-polar Another important method we used was the bi-polar, it was attractive, clearly defined it showed good results and helped us find the zone of improvement and the zone of decay. The problem with these results were that people would have different opinions on the same area, for example I could mark area 1 (Wilkinsons) 79/100 and then another pupil from the same class could mark it 31/100 this can cause a problem in the final results. The weather can change from good to bad this can affect peoples opinions on the area.

    • Word count: 846
  21. Original Writing: Dubai

    The first thing that strikes you about Dubai is the contrast of modern and traditional. Amazing fountains and monuments swamp the city with modern class, while the sight of traditionally dressed Arab's keeps the city to its Arabian roots. The inner city is packed with very modern skyscrapers, buildings and endless amounts of shops. The conditions in Dubai are excellent, the streets were unbelievably clean and everything is new. Dubai is probably one of the world's most modern cities. You can then head off to the world's renowned 'gold souk' (as the gold market). Travelling across the river by traditional means, in an open top riverboat, you reach the gold market, which is a magnificent site!

    • Word count: 855
  22. Peru - history and people

    The war lasted seven days and six nights, it finally ended on July 28, 1821. That day is now Peru's Independence Day. Peru's Location in the World Peru is on the continent of South America, south of the equator at 12.06S and 76.55W. The total land area is 1,280,000 km2, the total area including lakes and rivers is 1,285,220 km2. The coastline is about 2,414 k long. It is compared to Alaska since it is slightly smaller than it. It is exposed to earthquakes, landslides, and mild volcanoes.

    • Word count: 940
  23. The Guardian - Should they be given residency?

    In a council of Europe survey Britain were found to be the unfriendly country concerning refugees. So who is telling the truth? The UK national and local press has been blamed for attacks on asylum seekers and migrants but this newspaper was against the ideas of exploiting this. So do we believe that asylum seekers should be given residency in the UK? Those arguing in favour of refuges being given asylum in the UK say that the reality is people are forced to leave their homes and families in fear of their lives and travelling to the UK in search of safety and a little dignity.

    • Word count: 924
  24. Account for the decline in CBD's since the 1980's. What have town planners done to address the problem?

    Deindustrialisation happened as many large traditional industries concentrated in the inner cities and had employed large numbers of inner city residents. When theses industries left large areas of derelict land and unemployment arose such as central Manchester where a derelict industrial area was left comprising of the bridge water canal basin, Victorian railway and disused warehouses and factories until 1988. We have to make sure that we do not place all CBD's into a declining category. As some CBD's are still growing such as Manchester who dealt with there problems at an early stage such as investing in urban development

    • Word count: 908

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