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GCSE: Human Geography

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  1. Marked by a teacher

    Land Use Change In Northampton!

    5 star(s)

    Brackmills is also situated close to the A508. The A508 leads to Milton Keynes and more or less leads into the South East of England. The Brackmills site is fairly flat land with plenty of space for future development. Crow Lane developments are located near to the Billing garden centre mainly because the A45 is just off the developments. The A45 from Northampton goes further north through Coventry and Birmingham. The A45 also goes east of the country to places like Cambridge and Newmarket. The Crow Lane development site is fairly flat and has plenty of space for future expansion.

    • Word count: 5209
  2. Marked by a teacher

    Epping Forest Coursework

    4 star(s)

    Figure 1.0 History Prior to 1878, Epping Forest was used as a burial place, farming area, hunting area and for timber. In 1878 the corporation of London took over Epping's conservation for recreation and paths. They passed the Epping Forest act and Epping was made a protected area. They looked to maintain open space for recreation and maintain Epping's 'natural aspect'. Figure 1.1 - Map of Epping Forest Methodology The First thing I had to do was to take an excursion to Epping Forest to find out the situation.

    • Word count: 3202
  3. Marked by a teacher

    A study of tourism on Bourton-on-the-water

    4 star(s)

    The practice of traveling for pleasure. 2. The business of providing tours and services for tourists The effects of tourism are grouped under different headings, these are; > Social impacts > Environmental impacts > Economic impacts. In order to assess impact of tourism on Bourton-on-the-water, I will compare and contrast impact of tourism at Bourton to a town which is not noted for tourism but a similar size, thus being Charlbury. Such a comparison will allow me to highlight the impacts of tourism.

    • Word count: 4397
  4. Marked by a teacher

    Changes in Guilford's Central Business District from 1968 to 2002.

    4 star(s)

    Guildford had already established itself as an important city in surrey, many major transportation links passes Guildford such as A3, the large railway station exemplify that Guildford has already became an important junction to link up the railway systems in the area. (Details see map illustrating the transportation links of Guildford) Land Use Due to the wealth and fast development of the western world in the 20th century, in the more economically developed UK, commercial and financial activities often dominate the land use in the CBD.

    • Word count: 5801
  5. Research Question - The Developments of The London Docklands have changed the characteristics of the whole area.

    Containerisation led onto greater job losses, and so furthered the decline of the Docklands. More cargo continued to be imported, and larger ships were required to carry them; although these larger ships could not sail on the narrow widths and shallowness (by the Isle of Docks) of the River Thames, and so more docks moved to the coastal areas -Tilbury was the new port. Furthermore, Britain as an industrial country began to suffer. There was deindustrialisation as Britain began to become less dependent on manufacturing and imports, because British colonies had become independent and began producing their own products.

    • Word count: 4879
  6. Northampton Coursework- Delimiting the Central Business District

    Theory There are two types of land use models, Hoyt model and the Burgess model. The Central Business District of a town or a city is usually located in the centre of the city or town. The CBD can be divided into two distinct concentric areas called the core and the Frame. The frame of the CBD has land uses such as office areas, some derelict land, limited light manufacturing, small shop/low grade, specialist services e.g. medical, etc. The core of the CBD is different to the frame because it contains low residential population, some vertical zoning with use of first/second floor, high density of pedestrians, concentration of banks/ business, etc.

    • Word count: 3593
  7. Trends in tourism. Thailand as a tourist destination.

    The Cultural, Social and Physical Features of Tourist Destinations There are lots of features attracting the tourists so that the tourists can be attracted by various ways by means of culture, society and their physical features. The Cultural Features of Tourist Destinations Basically the cultural features of the tourists destinations comprises of the history and archaeology, people and their lifestyles, cultural diversity, arts and architecture, food, wine and others local products. Moreover, the festivals of the countries can attract the tourists in different ways.

    • Word count: 4521
  8. In this report I will be finding out whether or not congestion zones are a good idea, using researched data, charts and tables to back up my ideas.

    Congestion Zones are used in hope that traffic gets reduced. The mayor of London has recently put congestion zones into place in hopes they will reduce traffic by 15%. The public has to pay £8 when entering congestion zones, however most money raised is used to improve public transport. Critics of the scheme however, say that it is unworkable and unfair. They also claim it will probably lead to more congestion as people try to avoid the charging areas. Central London has had a dramatic cut in traffic since the introduction of the congestion charge.

    • Word count: 3024
  9. Recyling. In this CDA I will include what Recycling is, why people do it, why people dont do it, the affects waste have on our environment and the advantages and disadvantages of recycling. I will also include my research of Bradley Stoke (the to

    Microbes act on the waste as the material begins to break down, and together with chemical reactions, gas is produced. This gas is approximately 40%-60% methane, and the remaining gas mostly carbon dioxide. The gas also has nitrogen, oxygen, water vapour, sulphur and other condiments. Methane in the atmosphere is a powerful greenhouse gas; the gas is between 20 to 50 times more effective at trapping heat in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide. So by reducing landfills, less carbon dioxide and methane are realised into the atmosphere and therefore * Recycling reduces contamination.

    • Word count: 4158
  10. Has Bluewater shopping centre been a benefit to the surrounding communities?

    When deciding how land should be developed, the factors that planner has to take into account are the residents living nearby also whether the development would effect the environment and all its inhabitants. They also have to put into account the advantages and disadvantages it would bring to the public. When a new shopping centre is proposed, many different groups of people might be affected by this development. The elderly, teenagers, middle class, lower class and working class might be affected but the way each group is affected is different.

    • Word count: 3622
  11. Geography GCSE coursework, land use analyses. Finding the CBD in Perth.

    The CBD should be very accessible with many major roads leading into it and their would be parking restrictions so as they might keep the traffic flowing through the CBD. The parking meters in the CBD would be very expensive so they encourage people to avoid taking their cars into the CBD. There might also be multi-story parking on the outside of the CBD or a park and ride system put in place. I expect that Perth's High Street will sell mainly high order goods as the city has a huge sphere of influence, it is the gateway to the Highlands, and many people will sshop in Perth as it is convenient.

    • Word count: 3623
  12. Analysis of sphere of influence in different shopping centres. Like Merry Hill and Kidderminster, Dudley has problems as well. The shops in Dudley are being closed down as many shoppers visit Merry Hill instead of Dudley resulting in a loss of businesses

    I also think that from the way we collected the car registrations, my results aren't random because we didn't pick the car registrations randomly and this could have affected my results. I think that this is because people look at other factors such as environmental quality, shop quality etc. instead of size and population. This would be true for Kidderminster (old) as it had a good environmental and shop quality and it didn't have a very high population or very big in size and yet it clearly has a larger sphere of influence than Merry Hill, therefore people must look at all the other aspects of Kidderminster (old)

    • Word count: 6645
  13. Geography Fieldwork - The effects of Tourism in Keswick

    In fact according to the LDNPA tourism fact sheet in the national park '50% of the workforce' is employed within the tourism sector this when compared to the national statistic being '6%' shows how dependant the Lake District is on tourism. Tourism is when people travel for leisure, sightseeing and recreational purposes. The invent of tourism was when workers started to get rights and walked out for longer holidays and better holidays, this along with he expansion of road networks, the price reduction of the car, the expansion of the train network and the invention of faster, cheaper and more commercial air travel.

    • Word count: 7895
  14. The purpose of this coursework is to see how the development of the London Docklands has affected people and the environment.

    During this time a lot of warehouses and factories started to be built in the area. Streets also began to develop as terrace housing was built in which the workers could live. The London docklands began to have problems at the end of the 19th Century and these problems lasted into the 1930s. The docks were used a lot in the Second World War for strategic manoeuvres but this meant that heavy bombing in the area damaged it. By the 1960's the Docklands began to decline dramatically, foreign competition began to get a lot stronger meaning that the British Ship Building industry and other associated industries went into decline.

    • Word count: 3672
  15. GCSE Geography Settlement Coursework

    Justification - Central Oxford, specifically, is a very commercial area, in a way which Summertown could not compete with. Oxford has a much wider variety of shops, services, restaurants, entertainments and attractions than Summertown thus the sphere of influence is a great deal larger than in Summertown. Oxford's shops include Austin Reed, a number of banks, T-Mobile, and Boots, which are specialist shops. This means that they will have a larger sphere of influence than low order shops like Martin's and Pen to Paper in Summertown. Summertown also has some medium order shops like Somerfield's and the Co-Op, and so does Oxford (e.g.

    • Word count: 13414
  16. geography coursework urban - To what extent does Wolverhampton fit the Burgess Model?

    People would like to see traffic management and youth control as they feel the streets have become a little corrupt and busy. In total we filled in around 30 questionnaires in each of the areas this gave us an idea and a range of views on what people thought, we asked a variety of different aged people to make it more reliable but this was not easy as we gathered the information on a school day and the people that were out were older or didn't have a job.

    • Word count: 3359
  17. Shopping Coursework

    It is divided by the South Downs and apart from the coastal strip there are few main roads in the area; however there is a Railway Link from London Waterloo to Chichester. Approximately 60 miles from London the journey can take at least one and a half hours by car of an hour on the main roads that link the county to others. There are many rivers such as the River Lavant which runs through my first location Chichester. With a population of 106,445, Chichester is a fast growing town, known mostly for Chichester Cathedral and Chichester University.

    • Word count: 7108
  18. Geography-Course-Work

    This is where I conducted the questionnaire and research with my fellow partner. Map's of the centre is seen below: The Chavannes Centre was situated in a very open area, surrounded by crop fields, with only two directed roads for the centres exits and entries. The centre was also bordering the main highway going from Geneva to Lausanne. The exit for this highway was located only about 500 metres from the centre, giving it plenty of access for people coming from Geneva (an extremely dense populated city)

    • Word count: 3332
  19. Out of Town Shopping Centres need to be Controlled

    There are many new shops and superstores opening out of the traditional town centres, which add to traffic in the area and cause the traditional town centres to decline. It would also give everyone a good access to a wide range of shopping services. In this coursework I will be using many different methods in order to collect sufficient data in order to prove weather the hypothesis should be agreed with or not. The methods, which I will be carrying out, are listed below and they will hopefully bring me to a firm conclusion.

    • Word count: 3605
  20. Stratford london 2012 - an area under change. Scope for green development.

    The flat is made of metals, glass and bricks. I think inside is not as spacious because those rooms were used as offices. Balconies are almost touching each other. The maximum bedrooms are 2. By looking from the outside of the building I noticed that there is no staircases in sight like other flat, tenants have to use lifts. There is no recycling bin around and not a lot of plants around to reduce pollution. 80 metres away from Gerry Raffle Square, there is a parking area. It is free to park for residents but you have to pay at certain time.

    • Word count: 4815
  21. The aim of my coursework is based on investigating the shopping hierarchy and the C.B.D. (Central Business District) of the Royal Borough of Kingston with the aid of several hypotheses.

    From the number and quality of shops and services of the town centre and the outskirts of Kingston, and also the comparison of pedestrian counts, I will be able to make a clear comparison of the two areas. 2. Pedestrian count will be higher in the C.B.D and will decrease as you move away from it. The pedestrian counts take a significant part in the fieldwork, as I do the counts in every street of Kingston in and around the town centre.

    • Word count: 6662
  22. Geography gcse leton, Nottingham coursework

    It is the ease by which people living in a time or place are able to satisfy their wants. Poverty: this is when you are deprived of resources which can exclude you from participating within the community. The Burgess model The burgess model is very useful when trying to break down cities different areas for, quality of life, standard of living, or social class. According to the model (see next page for diagram), a large city is divided in five concentric zones, these are: * The CBD (Central business district)

    • Word count: 4716
  23. Geography Investigation

    I will also have to have three sub-aims to investigate and this is the building block to my investigation. In this section I will also describe in detail the methods that I will use to collect the data (maps and tables), why these methods are relevant, and how the information collected may help to accept or reject my hypothesis. I will need to collect a wide range of both primary (Swansea) and secondary (East Grinstead) data, some of which will be conducted in a group and others independently.

    • Word count: 3111

Conclusion analysis

Good conclusions usually refer back to the question or title and address it directly - for example by using key words from the title.
How well do you think these conclusions address the title or question? Answering these questions should help you find out.

  1. Do they use key words from the title or question?
  2. Do they answer the question directly?
  3. Can you work out the question or title just by reading the conclusion?
  • Compare two seaside towns that I visited in March 2003. The two towns, Frinton-on-Sea and Walton-on the-Naze can be located side by side on the east coast of Britain.

    "My results for the town centre EQA shows that my opinion for the two towns was very different from one another. But, for the seafront EQA the results show that I don't really have an opinion on either of the two towns. This has affected my conclusion as it helps to disprove one of my predictions. Perhaps the reason for this is that I didn't try hard enough to differentiate between the two seafronts at the time of the trip. If I had tried to be more self-convincing about how I did the marking, I would have acquired better and more reliable results. I could improve my methods by being more accurate about my opinions and the results that I got. 1"

  • The aim of this project is to identify and discuss relevant Synergies, Dependencies, Vulnerabilities and Conflicts between Air Traffic Services and Airport Operations.

    "Conclusion The interface between ATS and AO is a vital part of the Aviation System. Both these elements aim to promote safe and efficient air transportation. AO focus upon the transition of passengers and cargo to and from aircraft and airport whereas ATS focus upon the transition of aircraft between airports. Air travel has increased rapidly during the past 30 years and will continue to do so. Air traffic control systems and airport operations have increased their role in the system and both most work effectively to ensure air travel safety. Airport capacity will continue to expand to accommodate for airport operations and aircraft and so the air traffic control system has to be efficient in dealing with the rise of movements. Information Source"

  • Compare the jobs of property owners and the change in pricing of properties over the years.

    "This graph shows the ranges in prices of different kinds of properties. Quite obviously, we see that house have a greater average price than any of the other kinds. The results from Terrace properties show a big range. These results don't seem very reliable - as there are only 2 results, which seem to contradict each other. Suites, quite obviously are quite expensive - as much as some of the houses. However, again there is one record to draw a conclusion from which devalues its strength of reliability. This is the same with the "Apartment" result, which lies at about the pricing. "Flats" and "Flat/Block" are averagely priced lowest in relationship to the other properties. These results are quite accurate, as they are taken from many different areas around London - however, I know that flats can range greatly in price - which mostly contradicts my results."

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