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GCSE: Human Geography

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  1. The Effects of the One Child Policy in China.

    One would have concurred that because of China's massive size, it would not be such a problem. However, China has a varying landscape. Deserts, mountains, and rainforests are all present in China, and are also uninhabitable, so almost all of the population live in cities in central and southern China. As a result of the low death rate, and the steady high birth rate, the population of the People's Republic of China is still increasing. As cities are becoming overpopulated, the Chinese government is forced to buy farmland to build new houses.

    • Word count: 943
  2. This assignment will be focused on the nature of travel and tourism environment by giving the example of a Famous UK tourist destination (Oxford) while reflecting the learning outcomes.

    So it is clear that the tourism was started to take off through the help of transport development. However, the First World War in 1914 interrupted the flowering age of railway and the same way to the travel and tourism. In other way, since wars are the improving stage of forming new technologies, the expansion of road and considerable investment in aviation had occurred. With the more development in transport and transport related infrastructure, a new design of tourism which is called leisure tourism was introduced. Then, it moves to tourism take-off stage, it is from the period of 1945 to present time.

    • Word count: 2497
  3. Trends in tourism. Thailand as a tourist destination.

    The Cultural, Social and Physical Features of Tourist Destinations There are lots of features attracting the tourists so that the tourists can be attracted by various ways by means of culture, society and their physical features. The Cultural Features of Tourist Destinations Basically the cultural features of the tourists destinations comprises of the history and archaeology, people and their lifestyles, cultural diversity, arts and architecture, food, wine and others local products. Moreover, the festivals of the countries can attract the tourists in different ways.

    • Word count: 4521
  4. Shanghai,China. This assignment is a report which is about a famous destination of a tourism developed countries by analyzing their physical, cultural, social features and its impact on the local society as a famous destination.

    Top 10 most visited cities by estimated number of international visitor by selected year. City Country International visitors (millions) Year/Notes Paris France 15.6 2008 (Excluding extra-muros visitors) London Uk 14.8 2008 Bangkok Thailand 10.21 2008 (External study estimation) Singapore Singapore 10.1 2008 New York US 9.5 2008 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 8.94 2008(External study estimation) Hong Kong Hong Kong 7.94 2008(Excluding visitor from China) Dubai UAE 7.58 2008 Istanbul Turkey 7.05 2008 Shanghai China 6.7 2007 (table-2) Most Visited Countries By International Tourist Arrivals Rank Country UNWTO regional market International Tourist Arrivals(million)

    • Word count: 2814
  5. Invetigation into Wakefield CBD. Is there a pattern between the ages of the pedestrians and the area of the CBD they are found in?

    We stood in the same positions for 5 minutes by timing ourselves and then estimating the ages of the people who walked past a certain point. We stood in front of the Cathedral to do this as it was surrounded by many high order shops which pedestrians would like to visit, however we did not stand in a near a certain type of shops as this would make it biased as certain age groups would prefer certain places to shop.

    • Word count: 768
  6. Should Zambia's Debt be cancelled?

    Also, it will be hard to decide what other countries should have their debt removed. If one country's debt is removed, many other countries may also want it too. This may cause a big loss for the World Bank. Also, we don't know what the country is using the money for. They may be wasting it, and not using it for important development, such as healthcare or education. This is especially true if the government is corrupt and just wants to keep the money for them.

    • Word count: 420
  7. Why Less Economically Developing Countries (LEDCs), suffer more from the effects of natural hazards than More Economically Developed countries (MEDCs)

    So when it comes to natural disasters LEDC'S lose people while MEDC's lose money. MEDC's can predict so then they can plan and then prevent or prevent some of the damage being done and then prepare. MEDC's have the money so they can predict by internet, phone, radio and etc etc. If you know there is a natural disaster coming up you can invest money to prevent it. If you can prevent it you can prepare it. Later on if you know things could get worse then you can plan for the future.

    • Word count: 1681
  8. Development Project - comparing Canada and Kenya

    A MEDC would have a high number of transport facilities because of their wealth. A LEDC would have a small amount of transport facilities. The effect of not having these transport facilities could mean that they could be losing valuable money. This is because when they have the produce e.g. food, products. There is no way in which they can transport it to other parts of the world. This is shown as Canada has 1.042,300 km of roadways, whereas Kenya has only 63,547 km of Roadway.

    • Word count: 1903
  9. In this report I will be finding out whether or not congestion zones are a good idea, using researched data, charts and tables to back up my ideas.

    Congestion Zones are used in hope that traffic gets reduced. The mayor of London has recently put congestion zones into place in hopes they will reduce traffic by 15%. The public has to pay £8 when entering congestion zones, however most money raised is used to improve public transport. Critics of the scheme however, say that it is unworkable and unfair. They also claim it will probably lead to more congestion as people try to avoid the charging areas. Central London has had a dramatic cut in traffic since the introduction of the congestion charge.

    • Word count: 3024
  10. Istanbul is a harbor city in Turkey. As the largest city in this country, the population is about 12 million and the growth rate is about 33 per cent yearly.

    There are three categories to know more about this special city-history, economy and culture. Istanbul is a historical city. The city was controlled by many dynasties because of its special location-west part in Europe and east part in Asia, such as Byzantine, Greek and Rome. After Rome fell apart, Istanbul changed into a city which was controlled by Turkey till now. The history of Istanbul is far more than mentioned and this is one of the reasons why attract million tourists every year.

    • Word count: 423
  11. In this report I will be finding out whether or not congestion zones are a good idea, using researched data, charts and tables to back up my ideas.

    The public transport in the city has improved dramatically by 20%, with 29,000 more people using the service- which will mean much more money towards its improvement. This also contributes to the protection of our planet against climate changes which can have social effects. If more people chose to use the bus or taxi then this would improve their health as they would walk and always go on separate cars. Source one also says that the streets of London were 'clogged' and the heavy traffic on the roads were costing businesses approximately �2 million a week.

    • Word count: 1821
  12. Travel and Tourism. 5 Types of Cruises and examples of itinairies

    This cruise is with Viking River cruises which is currently rated the best British travel awards. This cruise lasts 16 days & lets you explore Chinas main highlights. Here is an itinerary for the 16 day cruise on the Yangtze River. DAY 1Beijing DAY 2Beijing DAY 3Beijing DAY 4Beijing & Xian DAY 5Xian DAY 6Xian & Lhasa DAY 7 - DAY 8 Lhasa DAY 9Lhasa & Chongqing DAY 10Shibaozhai DAY 11 - DAY 12 Three Gorges & Lesser Three Gorges DAY 13Jingzhou DAY 14Wuhan & Shanghai DAY 15 - DAY 16 - Shanghai Fly Cruise - A fly-cruise cuts to

    • Word count: 939
  13. Nike admits to mistake over child labour. In my opinion I feel that child Labor should be abolished under all circumstances. Child labor threatens childrens physical, mental, or emotional well-being.

    When Nike was accused for their employment of children in Cambodia , they defended themselves by stating that fake evidence of age could be bought in Cambodia for as little as $5. The detractors claimed that only a tiny fraction of the �70 cost of a pair of its shoes goes to the workers who make them. My opinion In my opinion I feel that child Labor should be abolished under all circumstances.

    • Word count: 486
  14. Recyling. In this CDA I will include what Recycling is, why people do it, why people dont do it, the affects waste have on our environment and the advantages and disadvantages of recycling. I will also include my research of Bradley Stoke (the to

    Microbes act on the waste as the material begins to break down, and together with chemical reactions, gas is produced. This gas is approximately 40%-60% methane, and the remaining gas mostly carbon dioxide. The gas also has nitrogen, oxygen, water vapour, sulphur and other condiments. Methane in the atmosphere is a powerful greenhouse gas; the gas is between 20 to 50 times more effective at trapping heat in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide. So by reducing landfills, less carbon dioxide and methane are realised into the atmosphere and therefore * Recycling reduces contamination.

    • Word count: 4158
  15. London prepares for the Olympics

    - There are lots of buildings which can be seen in the background. -there is a large sign which says 'Everyone's London 2012' which suggests that the developments taking place are on a large scale to attract large amounts of people. 2. The development at the railway station is part of an overall plan to provide a top quality public transport infrastructure for the Olympic Games. What are the benefits of this approach to transport management? -Well, the Olympic Games by nature are going to attract large amounts of people to come, and this is financially rewarding.

    • Word count: 1107
  16. Creative Writing Tijuana to Las Vegas Hi my name is Juanita Gomez and I am one of the many desperate citizens in Tijuana who want to immigrate to the USA and live the American dream in Las Vegas.

    I feel this would be the right time to move and I could earn more money in Las Vegas maybe starting up a different business permanently. So today is the day I will start to make a move for my 'American dream'. I know I cannot cross the border legally so I will have to make a plan of my sneaky route to get to Las Vegas. I started to think of the back roads and the risks I will have to take but I'm sure it will be worth it in the long run.

    • Word count: 714
  17. Urban Pollution: Causes and Solutions

    The lower the congestion is in an urban area the lower the exhaust emissions are as much fuel is used up when stuck in slow moving traffic jams. Further ways to cut down on the number of vehicles on the road is to introduce something like the coloured number plate system used in Mexico City. These colour coded number plates prevent cars from going out on certain days of the week. Another way is to encourage cycling by setting up integrated cycle paths throughout an urban area so everything is easily accessible by bike.

    • Word count: 618
  18. Global Fashion Powerpoint Presentation Ks3 Yr 9 Geography Assessment Marked 7c

    There is a much higher demand for work in these countries so of course people will be willing to work more hours for less money. However, it is not TNCs that control the wages of the factory workers, it is the owner, but if says he needs more money for wages, fewer hours and improved working conditions then the TNC might threaten to move their trade to a different factory. The conclusion is that although the TNCs are not directly responsible for the wages and conditions of these factories they are encouraging them meaning that they are just as responsible.

    • Word count: 1320
  19. Letter To The World Bank Ks3 Yr 9 Geography Assessment Marked 6a

    However it did not work out and the LEDCs could not afford to pay their lenders back and because of the interest rates they fell into further debt and became HIPCs. I believe this happened because many of the loans taken out by the LEDCs were taken out by previous rulers and dictators and the money was often wasted and the debt passed on to the present leaders. I also believe that the lenders often knew that the rulers were corrupt and would waste the money and saw it as an opportunity to exert their own political influence abroad- political, financial or strategic.

    • Word count: 833
  20. Has Bluewater shopping centre been a benefit to the surrounding communities?

    When deciding how land should be developed, the factors that planner has to take into account are the residents living nearby also whether the development would effect the environment and all its inhabitants. They also have to put into account the advantages and disadvantages it would bring to the public. When a new shopping centre is proposed, many different groups of people might be affected by this development. The elderly, teenagers, middle class, lower class and working class might be affected but the way each group is affected is different.

    • Word count: 3622
  21. The following are 3 adverse effects of globalization a widening income gap between the rich and the poor, loss of local cultures and environmental degradation Which do you think is the most serious?

    Environmental degradation is now the subject of international concern because of the cross-border effects of environmental degradation has and the impossibility that just one or a few nations can solve these problems on their own. Environmental degradation is mainly caused by deforestation. With the rapid development of industries, agriculture, housing and transportation due to globalization, rainforests in many countries have been cut down to make way for these developments. Some governments even allow deforestation to take place at a rapid rate so that economic activities such as forestry, mining and cattle ranching can generate revenue and to achieve a higher level of economic development for the country.

    • Word count: 850
  22. Investigate how the limited access to clean water and effective sanitation affect the quality of life of people in your chosen country.

    Investigate how the limited access to clean water and effective sanitation affect the quality of life of people in your chosen country. * Country: India * Population: 1.15 Billion (2nd largest in the world, under China) * Child deaths (under 5) from diarrhoea per annum: 320,000 * Life Expectancy: 64 years * Water supply coverage: 88% * Sanitation coverage: 31% * Below poverty line: 29% * Adult literacy: 63% Investigate how the limited access to clean water and effective sanitation

    • Word count: 685
  23. Outline the reasons for the growth in global tourism over the last several decades

    In 1841, a mass excursion (expedition/trip) from Loughborough to Leicester was organised by Tomas Cooke. This was a huge success and after this Tomas Cooke went on to developed trips to more distance destinations. Also railways and sea link were opened up. Also 30 years after starting his excursions he started his first round the world trip (video 183 development of tourism sheet). From that point on holidays were the 'must have for the people of Britain.' Most of the rich people spent their holidays in Blackpool. In the early 1900's it became the resort for the 'common people'.

    • Word count: 740
  24. The Benefits and Disadvantages of a Global TNC

    And because Scotland is quite a hilly environment crops would not be able to grow there. In the North and West of the UK, there were cool summers, mild winters, there was heavy rainfall, strong winds, snow in winter, steep slopes, poor and thin soil. This is one of the reasons why Scotland and the North West of England had no arable farms but there were a lot of livestock farms. And in the South East of England there were: warm, sunny summers, less rainfall (and most of the rain falls over the growing season), flat land and rich deep soil.

    • Word count: 1251
  25. Geography GCSE coursework, land use analyses. Finding the CBD in Perth.

    The CBD should be very accessible with many major roads leading into it and their would be parking restrictions so as they might keep the traffic flowing through the CBD. The parking meters in the CBD would be very expensive so they encourage people to avoid taking their cars into the CBD. There might also be multi-story parking on the outside of the CBD or a park and ride system put in place. I expect that Perth's High Street will sell mainly high order goods as the city has a huge sphere of influence, it is the gateway to the Highlands, and many people will sshop in Perth as it is convenient.

    • Word count: 3623

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