If I were President of the USA, My Stance on Global Warming Would Be...

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If I were President of the USA,

My Stance on Global Warming Would Be

The World has only become aware of Global Warming quite recently, arguably only in the last 40 years. Only then did we start looking at greenhouse gasses, and only then did we realise that we must drastically reduce our carbon emissions if we are to avoid such catastrophes as flooding and droughts. In 1997, a protocol was introduced to try and reduce our carbon emissions. But America, who, on a par with China, produces more carbon emissions than any other country in the world, refused to sign it. Because of this, the Kyoto protocol was destined to fail. But now almost 40 years on at the Copenhagen Summit, America along with 191 other countries have joined together to discuss emissions cuts and financial measures to combat climate change. Maybe now, we can make a difference and act on Global Warming before it is too late.
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If I were President of the USA, my stance on Global Warming would be that we need to seriously curb our carbon emissions so that we can help save the planet from massive flooding, and on the other side of the scale, drought. As one of the biggest, most influential countries in the world, it is our responsibility to do whatever we can to stop this potential disaster before it is too late to address it.

Machinery and transport contribute to just under 50% of our total exports. It is a large part of our economy. However ...

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