In what ways are the effects of drought different in MEDCs and LEDCs?

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“In what ways are the effects of drought different in

MEDCs and LEDCs?”

Today we live in a society where water is plentiful: we know that if we want water the garden or wash the dishes it is only a ‘turn of a tap’ away. However, when we suddenly find ourselves in a drought, only then do we realise just how much we use it and how it is imperative for basic living. It is an odd phenomenon that you only realise how much you relied on something when it is gone.

The definition of a drought is a long, continuous period of dry weather. They usually occur where the land is most arid, which tends to be along the tropics. This is why droughts are a huge problem in Africa, for it is effected by both of the tropics.

In 1998 there was a 5 month drought in Texas. This reached a climax in late July/early August. For 29 days the temperature was above 38 Degrees Celsius. This means that vegetation dies out and can cause flooding for, when it starts to rain, because the ground is so dry, the water does not soak in and it runs off the ground. Also a significant drought occurred from 2007 to 2008 in the UK where the warm, dry summers were followed by dry, cool winters. This meant that the lack of winter precipitation failed to counteract the dry summers, so slowly the water table fell, and reservoir water levels began to fall. Droughts have caused deaths in Europe in recent years - especially amongst the elderly.
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As you can see, these effects are not that serious and are very much based around the fact that you cannot use excess water e.g. to wash the car. However in LEDCs, the effects are much more serious.

Countries in Africa have been very greatly effected by droughts. Because they rely on primary sources of industry (a main industry from this sector is farming) that means that there whole livelihoods are affected because if they cannot grow any crops and that means they do not earn any money. The long period of drought causes the water supplies ...

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