Is Mass Tourism good for Kenya?

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Is Mass Tourism good for Kenya?

Mass tourism is tourism on a large scale, involving large numbers of visitors resulting in great concentrations of hotels and other tourist facilities. Countries which are mass tourist hotspots tend to be in the Development or Consolidation stages of the Butler Life Cycle Model.

Kenya has recently become a major tourist destination for a variety of reasons. Kenya is located in mid-eastern Africa, meaning that it has a tropical climate. However, due to its elevation, the temperature tends to be moderate, meaning that the country is very attractive to British tourists. In addition to this, Kenya, being a former British colony, has long-standing ties to Britain, and as a result of this, a large quantity of the Kenyan population can speak English, meaning that Kenya is an even more accessible holiday option for the British people. This, in combination with the Kenya being situated on the Great Rift Valley, resulting in stunning scenery and diverse wildlife makes Kenya an even more attractive tourist destination.

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Because of this, Tourism is the largest income earner in Kenya, creating many jobs such as for hotel staff, waiters in restaurants and bartenders at bars, airport staff and tour operators, who all make a living off tourism, and in turn, the government can earn more money off taxes from these people, and also, increased business means that the government can earn more from airport tax. This puts in place a positive multiplier effect meaning that the influx of 11% of all paid employment in Kenya is in the tourism sector and 21% of foreign exchange earnings in Kenya ...

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