My assessment of the situation facing the UK with regard to immigration and its consequences

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My assessment of the situation facing the UK with regard to immigration and its consequences.

At a first glance, the serious issue of immigration seems greatly different to the simple action of getting a takeaway. However they are closer than you might think, for it is most likely that the very chef that made your takeaway is an immigrant him or herself. This chef represents a large proportion of immigration into the UK, skilled workers who greatly benefit the British economy and merely want to make a living. In fact, Home Office research suggests that immigrants pay £2.5bn more in taxes than they take in benefits and the Treasury estimates that the economic growth rate has been boosted by a quarter-point because of immigration. Despite this, there are people who apparently have Britain’s best interests at heart and are anti-immigration and immigrants.
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One of the main arguments that those people who are anti-immigration have is that immigrants create unnecessary competition for jobs and that they themselves may get jobs when currently (October 2010) there are 2.45 million British people unemployed (7.7%). However they often overlook the fact that some of the jobs being taken are menial and/or low paying positions which natives sometimes do not wish to perform.

The issue of national identity is reflected in claims regarding ethnicity: the immigrants fail to assimilate into the original population, and replace its culture with their own. National unity arguments emphasise ...

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