Natural resources Why they are reducing & How the situation could be improved?

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Natural resources – Why they are reducing & How the situation could be improved?

Natural resources are very important because they contribute to the world’s economy of the nation in which they exist. They also provide necessary supplies for humans to thrive.

The reason why natural resources are reducing is because they are scarce and therefore will run out eventually. As our population of 7 billion has a natural increase, there is a further increase in demand, although the supply is low and slow this means that there will have to be reserves for the future, these reserves include renewable resources such as solar power and wind.

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Natural resources such as coal, oil, and natural gas are some of the main resources the world’s people use for everything. There is an inevitable increase in the demand for resources like these. For example, key secondary manufacturing industries such as in China, and other developing countries continue to increase their appetite for these resources because of the fact that the country lives on producing and exporting their goods they make with the raw materials that the natural resources contribute to, these goods and services are being exported all over the world as the demand for the supplies are increasing. ...

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