Nottingham Workplace Parking Levy Case Study

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Workplace Parking Levy

The Workplace Parking Levy is a monetary charge on employers who offer parking spaces at workplaces. It functions as a sort of congestion charge in Nottingham, for employers who offer 11 or more parking spaces at their workplace, as an aim to reduce traffic in the city.

The employer/owner of the business is the one responsible for paying the Levy each year for each parking space, although he can transfer all or some of the price to the employees themselves, as a measure to reduce the price he himself has to pay.

The Levy costs an employer £362 for each parking space that they supply for their workers, although the Levy only applies when the business has 11 or more available parking spaces for use by the employees. The Levy is paid annually, and on the 1st of April 2015 will raise to £375 to rise on par with inflation.

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The money raised by the WPL will go towards the NET Phase Two (the expansion of Nottingham’s tram system’ and ‘the Hub’ project, which is the plan to renovate Nottingham Train Station. By extending the NET system, they will be able to serve 23 million passengers a year, with over 17.5km of new track. Overall, it will consist of 51 tram stops, 28 of them new, and will apparently boost the local economy by up to £300 million a year, partially by helping the transformation of Beeston town centre and Clifton. The ‘Hub project’ is the renovation of Nottingham Train ...

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